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How k0nfig can be a big boost for Astralis
Sep 22, 2021, 4:36:00 AM

How k0nfig can be a big boost for Astralis

Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke is set for bigger heights in his pro CS:GO career as he is reportedly moving to Astralis once his deal with Complexity ends in 2022. He might be the perfect star that Astralis needs to revamp their roster.

K0nfig is yet to play in any CS:GO match with his current team after he broke his wrist in an accident last August 2021. While he is still in recovery, reports say that the Danish pro star might be headed for greener pastures for his career with a new team in his sights.

Astralis is one of the best teams in the game and there is no doubt that its Danish origins have lured k0nfig to play for them. By the end of his contract with Complexity, k0nfig can be free to move to the team by 2022. He is trading the blue star for a red one.

This might seal the future for k0nfig in the years to come. The star has found a great groove with Complexity back then, but the team may have found a better option in their games even if k0nfig returns to the game or not.

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K0nfig might have a much bigger future in his new team

Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David was brought in by Complexity as their stand-in while waiting for k0nfig to come back and play. With his recovery taking up too much time, coldzera has built up his games well and might just be more than a stand-in for the team.

If that is the case, then Astralis would be a great avenue for k0nfig’s future since he is set for a big role with them if he ever plays for them. That should be the big boost that they can get from him in the long run as well.

At the age of 24, k0nfig has a lot to offer for Astralis. The best team in CS:GO still has the most of its core, and adding him would be a big win for the team that would see them rise from the ashes once more. The Danish club has reached a breaking point where they saw a lot of losses in the past few tourneys.

Bringing k0nfig into the squad might lead to success. Who knows, maybe he is the missing piece for Astralis to come up with big wins. That is a chance that both k0nfig and Astralis are willing to take.

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K0nfig offers a wide array of talent in the game

K0nfig had a great surge in Complexity before he got injured, and the rifler would be very much welcome in Astralis. With his contract set to expire soon, that might just be a reality faster than most fans think since the star is already replaced in the current Complexity squad.

This timing makes up for a good deal. Astralis will be good to sign k0nfig when he is all healed up without the need to buy out his deal with Complexity. On the other hand, coldzera would not need to contend with anyone else for his spot which gives the team more time to focus on their plays instead.

Teams are yet to put their stand in the issue, but k0nfig’s plans for the future stays unclear, and it is up to him to prove the rumours true or wrong real soon.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA