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Greatest IPL moments of all time
Jun 1, 2022, 7:17:00 AM

Greatest IPL moments of all time

Just like any other sports league, the Indian Premier League (IPL) showcased a lot of great games and rivalries that keep fans coming back to support their favourite teams. However, some games just go beyond the mark of being incredible. 

There’s no question that the number of games that players get to participate in are exciting—not only for the fans but for the athletes as well. When the games are close and have fans at the edge of their seats, there are bound to be a ton of legendary games that go along with it. 

However, it’s quite difficult to pinpoint which games are the best. All of them are quite subjective. However, one aspect of the games remains consistent. That is their impeccable effect on people and the long-lasting memories they bring to the fans. 

Which games in the IPL are truly the best and why are they so? Here are the best IPL matches in any season during its rich history of amazing series and the IPL best moments. 

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Match 16 Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab (2010)

Kings XI Punjab, now called Punjab Kings, started incredibly when they hit a milestone during the 16th match of the IPL. In their first victory against the ruthless Chennai Super Kings (CSK), the Kings XI Punjab batted 136 runs in their 20 overs. 

During the second inning, CSK also made 136 runs in their 20 overs. The match was then tied and the super over was then played by the two teams. CSK batted first in the super over and made a measly nine runs. 

Rookie Rusty Theron of Punjab was selected as the player of the game for his game-winning bowling performance that secured their win against a long-time rival. The second league match between the two clubs had a target of 193 runs for CSK to secure the win. 

However, Chennai skipper MS Dhoni played the captain’s knock and that about beat CSK and sent them home. Therefore, the games got more gruelling as the season went on as they then met during the 54th match and won the matchup against the Punjab Kings which marked their revenge for the 16th match. 

Notable plays 

The best player during the matchup was none other than the first-time bowler, Theron of PBKS who made amazing plays during the stretch that ultimately got them the win. His match-ending bowl was considered almost his greatest achievement for a debutant during the game. This had the Kings win their first victory against CSK. 

The 136 run mark was not an easy feat, especially when you consider the fact that there were only a few offensive moulded players back then and focused more on the bowling aspect. This turned out to be one of the best IPL game in the history of the league. 

Match 53 between the Rising Pune Supergiant and Kings XI Punjab (2016 )

Match 53 was among the array of games that were simply thrilling and nail-biting. The matchup was set for the Rising Pune Supergiant and the Kings XI Punjab who had quite the rivalry having sparred against each other a few times. 

With a lot of batting plays and the enormous help from the bowling saves, this was a game to remember from that season. 

Notable plays 

Dhoni was on strike and dived into the field restricting taking a single which made the game a little out of reach for the opponents. 

What motivated them to secure the win is the fact that they were victorious against their previous opponent who was the Delhi Daredevils. 

Punjab’s fourth and final victory of the season came at the very grounds of their home field when they beat Mumbai Indians. To make the early exit from the tournament on the Rising Pune Supergiants was quite a different tale from their win against the Mumbai Indians. 

The close game was intensified even further when both teams ran the field back and forth and scored points to make the game as gripping as possible for the fans. MS Dhoni was clear with his objective to beat his opponents by scoring an impressive four and three sixes that blew opposing cricketers out of the field. 

What made it even more impressive was his final ball over the midwicket that sent the ball into the crowd with his signature helicopter shot to complete one of the league's most impossible chases and historic wins.

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Match 19 Mumbai Indians vs the Sunrisers Hyderabad (2019)

Very few teams can achieve what these two incredible cricket clubs had during the 2019 season. The legendary Mumbai Indians (MI) squared off against the Sunrisers to make the ultimate comeback of a game that tore every single Hyderabad fans’ hearts to pieces. 

Notable plays 

Run-fests aren't the only excellent T20 games. Last year's drama between MI and Sunrisers Hyderabad was an excellent example of defending a modest score.

As a late replacement for the injured Lasith Malinga, 22-year-old Antiguan Alzarri Joseph bowled the tournament's then leading run scorer David Warner with his maiden delivery in the IPL.

It was only after 3.4 overs that Joseph had broken Sohail Tanvir's IPL record of 6-14, which had been in place since the tournament's inception in 2008, with his 6-12.

Match 1 Kolkata Knight Riders against the Royal Challengers Bangalore (2008)

Two of the most storied franchises in the IPL squared off in 2008 and made millions of cricket fans happy for what they witnessed during that great game. 

With the Royal Challengers Bangalore’s streaky season and the rising team of the Kolkata Knight Riders, it’s impossible not to see why this game is among everyone’s favourite match in any IPL season. 

Notable plays

The biggest story of the game was the Knight Riders’ victory against the Bangalores with a 222-3 and 20 overs while the latter performed with a measly 82-10 in 15.1 overs.

With the game’s impressive beatdown by the Knights, it turned out to be one of very few games that scored over that tally. Not only did Kolkata beat the Challengers, but they did it tremendously. 

It wasn't until Brendon McCullum crushed a 158 on the tournament's first night that it became clear how the IPL would alter the game. McCullum smashed the past world record with the most solo runs in T20 innings (Cameron White's 141 in 2006) with a breathtaking display of power and ferocity.

The display was phenomenal and a lot of records were broken that day which turned that season of the IPL into one of the most memorable ones at the end of that year. A lot of players get to display their skills while providing fans with a show they cannot forget. 

Final Mumbai Indians vs the Chennai Super Kings (2019)

When it comes to the most incredible games in the IPL, the Final should always be considered. The Final is one of the IPL’s most anticipated games since it is a showing of who the best team of the league is during a seasonal run. 

When you have two of the best and most popular teams in IPL history, it’s sure going to turn a lot of heads and garner a lot of attention. IIn fact, the marquee matchup between the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings is regarded as the best IPL match ever. 

Notable plays

Again, MI prevails by a solitary run on the last ball. Even though Lasith Malinga and Jasprit Bumrah weren't even considered for the 2018 auction because of their lacklustre 2017 performances. They saved MI's season with a display of T20 death bowling.

Bumrah's 2-14 from four overs was his best performance of the game, but Malinga's three runs from the last three balls, including an LBW decision on Shardul Thakur, denied CSK victory.

Match 56 Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals (2014)

This was one of the best finishes in IPL history. A game that the Rajasthan Royals (RR) believed they had won was rigged against them. MI made it to the postseason despite being written off as a playoff team.

The full story has yet to be cleared, but this match is often talked about when cricket is the subject of discussion.

Notable plays

In the Royals' dugout, the discarded headgear of Royals manager Rahul Dravid was crushed into a ball. In the style of Cristiano Ronaldo, Aditya Tare ran off the wicket, his shirt pulled over his head like a Champions League champion.

When emotions clashed, the result was an evocative qualifier. For MI to pull ahead of RR on net run rate, they had to achieve their target in 14.3 overs.

Ambati Rayudu was seeking for a second run despite Corey Anderson's 95 from 44 balls taking RR within touching distance, but Anderson's efforts were inadequate.

As it turned out, RR was not yet finished. Faulkner's next ball, though, would be crucial in MI's chances of qualifying for the World Cup.

The Wankhede Stadium was rocked by the arrival of Tare, who smashed his first ball over square leg to rescue MI from the verge of elimination and into the quarterfinals.

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Which is the best match in IPL history?

It’s up to you on what you think which game is the best since it’s completely subjective, but when you consider the 2019 IPL Final between the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings, the stakes and the gravity of the game deserve the title of being the best IPL match in the history of the league. 

Considering the fact that both franchises are among the most well recognised around the cricket world, it’s safe to say that it is the most important and polarising game you’ll ever witness when watching the IPL. 

Which team won the highest match in the IPL?

The Mumbai Indians have the highest match played in IPL with a groundbreaking 128 matches set and a win rate percentage of 55.9%. Furthermore, they had a 92 loss stretch out of the 229 matches and 121 toss value to add to their already impressive stat lines. 

Which is the best IPL season

When Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting announced their retirement from cricket in 2013, the Mumbai Indians were determined to win the IPL championship. A total of 538 runs were scored by Rohit Sharma and 510 by Dinesh Karthik. 

The 2013 season is often referred to as the best season of the IPL because of a lot of records broken and amazing games occurred. 

The Mumbai Indians finished second at the conclusion of the league stage with 11 victories from 14 matches. Despite Dwayne Smith's heroics, they lost to CSK in the first qualifier. Smith struck 68 runs off only 28 balls. After that, they faced Rajasthan Royals in the second qualifying round, whom they thrashed.

Kieron Pollard's 60 off 32 balls helped Mumbai Indians achieve a total of 148/9 in the final match of the competition, even though as many as seven of his colleagues ended up with single-digit scoring. Thus, the 2013 season is arguably the best IPL season of all time. 

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