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De Villiers is interested in making a return to South Africa
Apr 20, 2021, 5:30:00 AM

De Villiers is interested in making a return to South Africa

Three years after last donning the South Africa national team jersey, AB de Villiers has shown his intentions of returning to the squad after he retired back in 2018. At 37 years of age, people might deem him too old but he can still play at high level as evidenced by his IPL run.

When people think of athletes entering their late-30s, people usually think of retirement or sitting on the bench. That is true for some athletes who are facing Father Time but it seems like de Villiers wants to prove the doubters wrong. 

There have been talks between de Villiers and South Africa head coach Mark Boucher. It will be interesting if they can make it work again as the former star is motivated to prove his worth to his country. 

The former SA star addressed this by saying, ‘It will be fantastic to play for South Africa again, I will be speaking with Boucher late end of IPL – last year, he asked me whether I am interested and I said “absolutely”’.

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Why de Villiers deserves another shot

After stepping away from the SA system, de Villiers decided to play in the domestic leagues. He had stints all over the world as he played in England, Australia, SA, and India. He made sure he can still play as he knows he is a top-tier talent and age wouldn’t stop him.

Coach Boucher is happy to give him the chance to come back which is delightful for everyone involved. The fans know that de Villiers will give everything to represent SA again given that he was the captain of the team in all three formats. 

‘I did chat to him (AB de Villiers) before he went to the IPL’, Boucher said. ‘The conversation is still very much open. AB, being the person he is, wants to perform very well at the IPL to prove to himself and everyone else that he is still a very key figure in world cricket and could dominate at that level’.

It will be amazing to see a legend like de Villiers come back to the system after a long time away. He will be welcomed back with open arms as he was the leader who took SA to the next level in the past.

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Playing in domestic leagues has helped de Villiers

Even if it has been too long since his last stint with the national team, de Villiers is still a great player. He is playing on Royal Challengers Bangalore at the moment and he is doing well. You can tell he is having fun with how he plays and there are moments when he reminds people why he was such a big part of the SA system for a long time. 

‘I had a lot of fun out there’, the former SA captain said. ‘It helped with Maxi (Glenn Maxwell) playing well up front and it made it really easy and gave the guys confidence that it’s not unplayable. It’s hard when you come into games like these where the wicket tends to be a bit slow, you gotta break the shackles’.

Playing with solid players is what drives the former captain to compete. If he makes the big return to SA, he will be motivated to play well. You can also expect him to fit perfectly in with the team that looks up to him as a leader for the squad.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA