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Dwayne Bravo recalls a big moment in his pro cricket career
Oct 11, 2021, 3:33:00 AM

Dwayne Bravo recalls a big moment in his pro cricket career

Dwayne Bravo has always been a prominent player for the West Indies. He has reflected on his time in his nearly two-decade-long career. He has played alongside Chris Gayle for the longest time as they have embarked on their stellar West Indies careers.

The legendary duo of Bravo and Gayle has played in numerous events including the T20 World Cup. They have played in all six iterations since its inception back in 2007 which has lent itself to awesome memories over the years. With Bravo’s birthday on the 7th of October, he was in a mood to reminisce.

Back on his birthday in 2012, Bravo and the rest of the West Indies squad managed to pull off a massive result at the T20 World Cup. They won the event in stunning fashion as Gayle led the team to play while also showing their enjoyment through their performances and flamboyant dances during the game. They ended up lifting the trophy after playing their signature brand of cricket.

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Bravo’s 2012 T20 WC memories

October 7, 2012 was one of the biggest days in West Indies sports. The T20 WC win was massive because it proved that the West Indies are still one of the best teams in the world alongside the likes of England and India. Bravo and Gayle were superb members of that squad and they continue to be the team’s stalwarts today.

They had great moments in 2012 which Bravo recalls with exciting energy. He said, ‘It was my 29th birthday and was a very special moment. It was the first time we won the T20 World Cup and as players, we wanted to prove to the world, we were the best, as individuals and as a team. To do it on my birthday was special and something I could never forget. I still have that ball at home was a dream come true. A lot of people didn’t give us and chance and picked four teams and didn’t have West Indies among their top four’.

They proved that they can win against the top teams in the world. They were doubted back then but now, the West Indies are always considered perennial contenders.

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Bravo wants to use those memories as motivation 

With the latest T20 World Cup set in mid-October, you can expect that Bravo and Gayle will use their experience of winning in 2012 as the motivation to win this event. They are seen as the event’s dark horse which is a tag they like to embrace. The dark horse wants to surprise the favourites of the event including the likes of England, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

It will be tough to beat this West Indies squad when they’re motivated because they are arguably the hardest working team in the world. They have trained their way to become a top tier team and they love playing cricket.

2012 was proof that the West Indies can keep up with the other top teams around the world. Anything is possible in cricket and the West Indies want to shock the world again by pulling off another surprise win. It will be difficult with the number of good teams but real cricket fans should know that the West Indies have a legit shot at winning the title when they gain the momentum.

The T20 WC will start on the 17th of October with the West Indies’ first match set against England on the 23rd.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA