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Former Aussie skipper Tim Paine returns to competitive cricket
Nov 23, 2021, 4:10:00 AM

Former Aussie skipper Tim Paine returns to competitive cricket

Former Australian Test cricket captain Tim Paine has not played competitive cricket since April 2021. Now, he has made his return and he’s ready to play in the Ashes series against England. He took the field for Tasmania’s match against South Australia at Hobart’s Lindisfarne Oval.

Paine has been dealing with a neck injury for the majority of 2021. He had surgery in September 2021 but now he has completely recovered. While he’s also struggling with issues away from the field, Paine is working hard to get back to full strength and let his cricket performances do the talking.

Cricket Tasmania manager Simon Insley talked about how much Paine is ready to play cricket, especially for the Ashes. He said, ‘Whenever you go through challenging times you want to be around your mates and do what you do best. He’s an exceptional cricketer and he wants to play cricket and get ready for the Ashes. He wants to show signs of good form and show that he’s ready for selection. We all know Tim Paine, he’s a very determined individual’.

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Paine’s return is calculated

Some cricket fans are concerned with Paine’s quick return but he has assured everyone that he is fit. Insley had the same assertions because he had seen Paine healthy and ready to play at an elite level again. Since Paine is already 36 years of age, it is understandable that fans are concerned about his health.

His performances for Tasmania should be a good sign for his future at Ashes. He wants to play in the landmark series between the Aussies and England. It will be a shame if he misses out on the series because he will be a key cog in their system since he’s such a strong player over the years.

People like ex-Test skipper Mark Taylor and former Victoria wicketkeeper Darren Berry believe Paine should be kept in the squad. He is already building up momentum and all he needs is to keep this going.

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Paine might not make the Test squad

On the other hand, there is legitimate worry that Paine might not make the Test squad. The concerns about his health have weight because he is not in peak condition to play in such a massive series like the Ashes. Former team selector Mark Waugh and former star Shane Warne believe that it is time to look for other options for the team.

With his issues off the field, some people are concerned about his status for the future. He knows that the issues will always pop up but he’s ready to come back to the team when he’s called up.

It will be a shame to let Paine go from the team because he has been such a crucial piece in the last few years. He has been an important player in the Aussie system over the years and he wants to keep playing for the side.

However, he is getting older and it will be hard to let him go. In the meantime, his place in the team is still up in the air. Paine himself knows he can contribute to the team when he receives an opportunity to play.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA