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How Vince turned the tables for England
Jul 16, 2021, 3:22:00 AM

How Vince turned the tables for England

James Vince showed the rest of the world that England still has what it takes to claim a series when he led the Three Lions in their win over Pakistan. The star dropped the hammer over the Shaheens at Edgbaston and sealed the series sweep for good.

Vince’s maiden century on the big stage pushed England to come up with a huge win to close out the Shaheens in their ODI series. That was a great finish that the Three Lions came up with and proved that they are a team to beat for many sides out there.

The Shaheens were stunned in their loss to the Three Lions. Perhaps they expected to win big after having a lead of more than 300 runs and did not see England’s huge run coming for them. They were stunned by the end of the game as if they were blown away for the whole series.

The sweep also showed that the Three Lions can turn their games around with Vince at the scoring charge. So far, it has been a great run for them and it looks like they are in a great groove en route to their Test series with India this August.

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Vince’s big game

Vince had 102 off 95 balls. That came in a 129-run stand for the sixth wicket with Lewis Gregory - who nailed 77 in just his third ODI as the hosts pulled off one of the highest run chases in the format. Vince was superb on that end for the team.

That burst came after Babar Azam notched his top run of 158 to lift Pakistan at 331 for nine. Azam had a shared wicket worth 179 with Mohammad Rizwan and had 74 of 58 balls en route to the Shaheens’ territory.

Vince came up with a run that saw England close out their comeback. It was a huge win by the Three Lions and that was a stunner for them. Vince did not even expect to be able to pull that one off as well, and he was clearly pleased with it.

When the Three Lions saw that Vince was on fire, they kept him on the batting side and he later nailed that huge century which took out a huge chunk of the lead that they had to chase. England then let its players do the rest of their work to complete the comeback win as well.

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How does this affect their Test versus India?

Vince’s rise as a star for England means that they have found one more weapon to use against India in their next Test series. This should be enough to make sure that England can win big at home against one of the best batting teams out there.

India is known for being full of great batsmen starting with skipper Virat Kohli. This will be a huge chance for Vince to prove that he can keep on playing better for more than just one game or even a series.

England’s chances to win this Test series would mean a lot for Vince - who still has a lot to prove in his games. Beating India might be the next task at hand for him to make sure he earns more minutes with the team as well. 

Vince is a special talent that the Three Lions can rely on. This means that they can get more out of him in the next few months as he continues to prove and shine in the biggest stage of the sport.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA