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A punter’s guide to ICC Women's World Cup betting
Mar 10, 2022, 4:08:00 AM

A punter’s guide to ICC Women's World Cup betting

The ICC Women’s World Cup is the biggest stage of the women's side of cricket. It offers a lot of intense matches packed with a variety of betting markets. Learn how you can make the most of your wagers on this exciting tournament.

The ICC Women's World Cup is known as one of the top cricket championships and considered as the oldest in the sport. The first tourney was held in England back in 1973. Matches are played on the One Day International format with 50 overs. There is also another championship held for Twenty20 International cricket, which is the ICC Women's T20 World Cup.

The ICC Women's World Cup was organised by the International Women’s Cricket Council (IWCC) until a merger in 2005 created the International Cricket Council and has now taken over control of the said tourney.

This tourney was made to determine the best women's cricket team. Throughout history, there are many women’s cricket teams in the world that have done a great job to put up their claim as the best of them all.

A total of eleven World Cups have been played as of 2021. Five countries have hosted the tourney with India and England having hosted the women’s cricket event three times. Aside from Australia, England and New Zealand are the only teams to have won the event, while India and West Indies have reached the final without winning the title.

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The most recent Women’s World Cup

The latest edition of the Women’s World Cup was in 2017. It was an intense finish as England took the title win in front of their home crowd at the Lord’s. The 11th edition of the tourney was also the third to be held in England after the 1973 and 1993 editions. The Three Lions stormed the final with a nine-run win against India.

That win was England’s fourth World Cup title. Anya Shrubsole was named as the Player of the Match, going 6/46 on balls with 10 overs. This tourney is one of the closest finals in the history of the said cricket World Cup, and only the 2000 final was decided with a much narrower margin.

The game was also sold out, with a near-capacity crowd of 24,000 in attendance. The bell that is used to signal the start of play was also rung by Eileen Ash. She is the oldest surviving international cricketer at the age of 105.

England was also playing in the Final for the fifth time. That mark was surpassed by Australia, but the last five tourneys saw the Three Lions make the final just once. Their last trip to the final was a win against New Zealand in the 2009 final where they claimed their third World Cup title.

India, on the other hand, played their second World Cup Final. Most of the cricket World Cup highlights the team’s success in the Men’s edition, and the women’s team came so close back then. Their first trip to the final was a loss to Australia in 2005, which means their fans are hoping for the best for them in the ICC Women's World Cup 2022.

There are a lot of teams that are seen as the favourites to win. That means a much more intense game in the long run. This would bring a bigger fan following and cricket World Cup betting would also see a rise in the number of followers in the long run.

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Top teams to look out for in the 2022 Women’s World Cup

There are a lot of teams that are keen to get a chance to win in the Women’s World Cup. This only shows the top picks that the punters should bet on to make sure they get the best winning chances. 

Betting on the best teams does not guarantee a win in your wagers in the end. There is always a chance that a new team can make a huge shock in the tourney and deliver a lot of upsets against the favourites, which can change the cricket world cup betting odds. Here are the top teams to look out for in the 2022 Women’s World Cup:

    •   Australia is seen as one of the biggest teams that can pull off a huge win in the tourney. The team has a total of six titles as of 2021 and have played in all of the tourney’s 12 editions. They have found a lot of success in the World Cup so far and hope to make a huge run in the coming games.

The last time the Aussies have won a title was in the 2013 edition, which was hosted by India. The team defeated West Indies by 114 runs in the final and finished in the semis for the 2017 edition.

    •   England is the defending champion for the 2017 edition. The team hopes to go for back to back titles after clinching their last win against India. Three of their four title wins have been at home, and this is why there is more to expect from them in the coming tourney.

Most of the punters who are going for cricket World Cup betting put England as one of the top teams to bet on. They still have a bigger chance to win the title, especially with a stacked roster and no changes made since the last time they won the tourney.

    •   New Zealand is the host for the 2022 edition. The Black Caps have won a title in the World Cup back in 2000. They aim to make the most of their home advantage and score a title win after a decade of wait. This puts them at a bigger advantage for a lot of punters to bet on.

    •   India is yet to win a title in the Women’s World Cup as of 2022. They are keen to bounce back for a bigger win in New Zealand after falling short in the 2017 edition. India is one of the hottest picks for punters as they aim to write history in the 2022 run, and this team is ready to take on the big task of winning the World Cup.

How teams qualify for the World Cup

The Women’s World Cup finds its participants through two key competitions, the ICC Women's Championship and the World Cup Qualifier. The teams that have played in the tourney are clearly the same as it was in over the years. No new teams have joined the fray since 1997.

Since 2000, the number of teams in the World Cup has been fixed at eight. In March 2021, the ICC said that the World Cup will see two more added teams for the 2029 edition. The 1997 edition saw a record of eleven teams playing for the title—the most for a single tournament to date. Since 2005, the World Cup has been hosted at a regular of four-year intervals.

The IWC Women’s Championship is an international tourney played from April to November. Teams can come up with a sure slot in the World Cup if they emerge victorious and gather enough points to earn a place in the final rankings. 

The first edition was held in 2014-2016. Australia won the first edition while the 2017 run saw the top four teams automatically qualify for the 2022 Women's Cricket World Cup.

The ICC Women's Cricket World Cup Qualifier, on the other hand, is another chance for teams to make it to the World Cup. Played at the international level, the qualifier is one of the hottest games to look out for to see which teams will make the final slots of the World Cup.

This was first held in 2003 and was organised by the IWCC and gave the IWCC Trophy for the winning team. The ICC Women's World Cup Qualifiers provides an insight about the opponents that the top four teams will face en route to the big stage of the World Cup final.

These are the only ways that a team can make it to the World Cup. Host nations are automatically qualified to play in the said tourney and no longer need to play either of the two contests to earn a slot in the World Cup.

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Betting markets for the 2022 Women’s World Cup

The 2022 Women’s cricket World Cup betting should not be that hard for a lot of punters. The competition demands a lot of fan speculation and the rewards are big, however this can be achieved if you will dedicate your time to doing some research. Knowing what markets you can bet on is a great start to a winning pace.

Trying out all of the betting markets in the World Cup should give you a chance to make the best wagers. Punters like you should be ready and make some adjustments on the fly since the ICC World Cup betting odds usually change from time to time. Here are some of the best markets that you should try in the World Cup:

    •   Going for moneyline bets means you are going to wager on a team to win the whole tournament or a player to be named as the Player of the Match in a given game or in the final. This is one of the common bets in cricket and is known to be a popular pick for punters, especially in shorter formats of the game.

Trusting a team to win can be risky but it also takes a lot of guts to hope that they can come up with a huge win all the way to the final. A moneyline bet simply involves you picking one of two teams to win the game. No catch, no angle, just the right answer or the wrong answer.

    •   Betting on spreads will put players wagering on a team that will win and how much deficit will they have from the losing side. This allows you to go for more ICC World Cup betting since you can predict each winning team’s scoring depending on their playing XI and the changes they make along the way.

Spreads are usually better during the early parts of the World Cup. With many teams to choose from, people can make a guess on how a team will play well with their early opponents. Once the World Cup reaches the deeper stages, it would be hard to predict the scoring tally with teams now playing at a grit and grind level than the earlier matches.

    •   Handicap betting is also a considerable option since you can place a specific wager on a team or player even if it is an underdog. Punters can win their wagers if the handicap set before the start of the game is met by a certain team or player.

This means they need to either reach a certain number and go beyond or less than that given number to win the odds. If the favourite wins and scores less points than the set number, then it is a win. An underdog bet will win if they exceed the set number with their points.

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Key tips in betting on the Women’s World Cup 

The Women’s World Cup is one of the most rewarding tourneys for both players and punters. This says a lot about the techniques and tactics needed to pull off a huge win in most of the bets made in these games.

There are a lot of ways to win with your bets in the Women’s World Cup. It all goes down to having proper knowledge and strategies for making the most of your bets to win. 

Here are some of the key tips in betting on the Women’s World Cup:

    •   Do your research - While it is tough to lose wagers due to the lack of knowledge in the games, a little bit of research would never hurt and it can help you make the most of your wagers in the long run.

Knowing a lot about the teams, players that will play in the World Cup can help you make easier bets. The best way to know more about your cricket favourites is to put context into the numbers you see. There are some teams that will be favoured during a match but then the stats say a lot about how they will fare well based on their rosters, head-to-head matchups, previous matches, and many more.

    •   Bet on live games - Live games can be rewarding and can assure winning bets since you can watch the game as it happens. Your bet will be made while the game is ongoing, and most platforms call it ‘in-play betting’ because you need to place your wagers during the game itself.

Wagering on the final result is one of the top markets you can expect to win for live betting. A well-placed bet during the game can turn out to be a rewarding move that a punter would remember, especially in a tourney that happens once in a while.

    •   Read cricket odds - Sports betting odds matter all the time. There are odds attached to each match played, and you can see which team is the favourite and the underdog at a given match. Placing bets on a favourite would turn out to be lesser than betting on the underdog if it wins. This is because the favourite is the expected winner and more people are betting on that rather than going against it.

The numbers are all based on the top opinion of the match on which team is going to win, so you have to make sure that you know the two teams well. Make sure to check out the head to head stats and how they fare well against other teams as well.

    •   Spice up your bets - Betting on cricket favourites is easy to enjoy but it can also turn out to be a disaster for some. There are teams that can pull off an upset even against the best teams in the tourney. This is something that you can predict since there are times that a certain match falls into the favour of the underdog.

It will take some time for you to get it right, but then there are times when punters can make the right guess and easily win those bets and get the best prizes.

Betting on this competition spices up the viewing experience of every punter. You can enjoy the big moments of the sport and earn a lot of winnings at the same time. This is why you should know more about how the Women’s CWC works and the best bets you can make as well.

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