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Ireland draws series versus Zimbabwe
Sep 17, 2021, 4:25:00 AM

Ireland draws series versus Zimbabwe

Ireland struck back hard as they earned a huge win against Zimbabwe by seven wickets. The team closed out the third ODI and ended the series at 1-1. The Irish squad came back strong and proved that they can still win a key game even with a lot of doubt on their plays early on.

Rain caused a lot of delays in the third ODI. The game was soon set to just 42 overs per side. The rain then came back in the Chevrons’ 25th over and the officials soon made it just 38 overs instead.

Brendan Taylor, who played in his final international match, came up as the second top scorer for the Chevrons in their ODI games. He had 6684 runs in total to go along with 34 Tests, 205 ODIs and 45 T20Is. His total run tally is at 9938, and he might have needed more to win this series for the team.

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The rain took out their momentum and it proved to be a tough end for the team as they wanted to give Taylor a big finish in his international career. As it turned out, Taylor’s final innings ended on seven as the team were put in and the captain was 102 runs short in ODIs for the top spot.

Joshua Little scored the early blows for the team as they were back on track to build a strong total. This is one of the best chases for the Chevrons as they could have pulled off a win if it wasn’t for the rain.

The third rain break delayed Ireland’s big chase late in the game but they cut the target to 118 in 32 overs. The team scored 48 for the opening wicket and then led the rest of the game as they closed the match with defence to beat the Chevrons.

This win gives the Men in Green 10 more ODI Super League points, and this is a great win to remember as they forced a draw to end the series. This win in the third ODI only shows that Ireland still has a long way to go to keep their games on the right track.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA