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Ireland is set to make a big splash in the T20 World Cup
Oct 8, 2021, 3:31:00 AM

Ireland is set to make a big splash in the T20 World Cup

Ireland is the underrated squad at the T20 World Cup. They want to compete at the highest level of the tournament as the team under the radar. They are ready to prove themselves after five years of hard work to get back to cricket’s biggest stage.

With the effects of COVID-19 and the reduction of teams in the 50-over World Cup, Ireland’s appearance at the T20 World Cup will be their first appearance since 2016. It has been a long time since they were included in many top events.

Of course, their performance during their 2016 event was disappointing since they didn’t win a match. They were beaten by Oman and the Netherlands before crashing out of the event after losing to Bangladesh. It was a sad run for Ireland because expectations were high for the squad. Now, they will have to play against Sri Lanka and Namibia.

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They are motivated by previous runs

Considering that the 2016 run was bad, Ireland is motivated to perform better. They have not been present in top events in a long time and they want to re-introduce themselves as another potential top team. They may not reach the same level as India, England, and Australia but they can pull off some surprises.

Star batter Paul Stirling talked about how desperate the team is to make up for the lost time.

He said, ‘It’s massive for us. It’s something we always grew up knowing that World Cups were the pinnacle of what we were going to try to achieve in our sport. Growing up, watching 2007, it’s brought up when we did well. Certainly, that was the inspiration for myself and the people around my age to try to improve on that and continue Irish cricket playing in main events. So we’re delighted to be back’.

It will be fun to watch this team because they are filled with talented players. They want to prove they can still compete at the top level after failing to make a big splash in the past. They also want to keep up with their neighbouring country, England.

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The inactive period has been helpful for Ireland

While they have still played in qualifiers and other tourneys, Ireland’s absence in big events is noticeable. You can expect them to compete at a higher level because they have been training behind the scenes.

Their improvements have not been seen by the majority of the cricket world which is why Ireland will be a surprising squad at the T20 World Cup. Stirling believes they are improving with each training session and they have proven themselves in a match against West Indies too.

Stirling said, ‘There was a bit of a gap there, so it feels like an opportunity to improve and show what depth we have in the rest of the squad. We’re hoping to build on that, even though it was such a long time ago. We feel like we always are improving, but with what is a pretty young side at the moment, you’ll always find mistakes, so we hope to mitigate those mistakes and put in a good show’.

It will be fun to see how Ireland will perform because they are ready to show their skills. A good result is their priority the World Cup and they should be a team to look out for.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA