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Jaydev Unadkat wants to make the Indian Test cricket team
May 25, 2021, 5:40:00 AM

Jaydev Unadkat wants to make the Indian Test cricket team

Jaydev Unadkat has experienced a variety of ups and downs over the past year. He is a stellar cricketer but he has not made the Indian national team just yet. He feels that he deserves a call-up amidst India’s struggles.

Feeling left out of the national team, it is evident that Jaydev wanted to be a big part of the team. He is a solid pace bowler which is needed in any cricket team. India is filled with elite talent and Jaydev deserves to be a part of that rotation given that he’s a player who knows how to perform at a high level. 

Thankfully, Jaydev is pleased that he gets to work for his chance to shine for the Indian squad. He said, ‘I was hoping to make it to the England tour. As simple as that. I have said in the past that the guys who are at the top are doing well, so I have to wait for my chance. This time around, I have been honestly disappointed. I’ll still take the disappointment positively to motivate himself to do better’.

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Should Jaydev be left out?

One of the biggest reasons Jaydev has been excluded from the squad is that there are so many players who have broken out recently. Some people tend to overlook that India is a big part of the cricket world which means that they have a deep system that contains all of the top players. Jaydev is a top player who can break out as a star on the international scene.

When talking about Jaydev making the team, you should also think about the other players on the squad and how they fit in. If they can’t make it to the lineup, they should be given the chance to prove themselves at the highest level and not just removed from consideration. 

Jaydev has not reached a high level of frustration just yet which is something that should be looked at. He said, ‘I haven’t reached that level of frustration for sure. As I look at it, it’s not now or never for me. When I say I am at my peak, it’s still four or five years more to remain at my peak’.

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Jaydev has a wide-open window to perform

Jaydev knows that he still has a wide-open window to perform at a high level. At 29 years of age, he is in his prime which is why his point about his peak is correct. People tend to overlook players who are nearing 30 but age should not matter when it comes to cricket given that there’s a chance that he will break out. 

He has talked about how his age plays a big role in his career. He said, ‘I am 29 and because I made my debut early in 2010, people consider me old. I was a teenager when I made my Test debut a decade ago, so I still have a lot of time. I am not that frustrated for sure. To be honest, I don’t know what’s next… Let’s see, the Sri Lanka tour is coming. If that call-up comes, it’ll be nice’.

Hopefully, Jaydev can emerge as a solid option for the Indian squad given that he’s ready to perform. He is not the only player who will perform at a high level especially since he wants to make his call-up in the right manner. It will be hard to deny his talent if he makes the squad.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA