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Jos Buttler admits he has struggled in England's latest fixtures
Sep 14, 2021, 3:56:00 AM

Jos Buttler admits he has struggled in England's latest fixtures

In England’s latest fixtures, Jos Buttler has struggled with his batting. He admits that he has struggled which has led to his desire to be a better overall player. Buttler is known for always speaking his mind and he is not shy to admit his mistakes for England’s cricket team.

Buttler is set to return to the lineup after the birth of his second daughter. He will take back the wicket-keeping gloves from Jonny Bairstow who played the caretaker role as of late. Jonny came up short with his performance as he let Shardul Thakur score so many points. Buttler knows that Bairstow struggled and he is here to save the Three Lions with a more reliable wicketkeeper.

Team captain Joe Root is pleased with what he has seen from his co-captain. Buttler is glad about the praise but he wants people to see his mistakes too. The co-captain said, ‘Certainly, I haven’t played my best by a long stretch. Certain things have been cancelled, picking up an injury but you as a player have to put the work in, to train hard and give yourself the best chance when you get in the middle, to be there for a long period of time’.

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Watching at home motivated Buttler

Since he had to stay home to be with his family, Buttler made sure to watch the games. This was enough motivation for him to perform in the next few England matches. You should expect him to perform better than ever because he found out what the roots of his problems were and he is working on addressing them.

Buttler himself is still confident in the England squad. He said, ‘It was a fantastic Test for the neutrals and our team played some brilliant cricket for large parts of that game but couldn’t quite get it done. As a group we’re determined to win this Test and level the series. Spirits are high and there will be one last big push for a must-win game. Spirits are still good in the group’.

It will be fun to see how he works out with the team after a long layoff. He is set to star for England and he is ready to prove the doubters wrong.

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Buttler is working his way to the T20 World Cup

With the T20 World Cup starting in the Autumn, Buttler is looking for a potential spot in the squad. While his performances have not been up to par recently, Buttler is making a case for the team. He wants to be a solid member of the team but he has to prove himself first.

Buttler said, ‘It’s an exciting squad and I think the strength in depth of white-ball cricket is fantastic. You look down at those names in our squad and there are some brilliant players and some match winners. We’ll get on the plane together very excited about that challenge and going out there to try and win that tournament’.

It will be fun to see how Buttler will perform in England’s next few matches. He’s ready to prove himself as another big star who can support the squad all the way through. It will be difficult at first but you can expect Buttler and the rest of the Three Lions to step up just in time for the latest international tourney.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA