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Junaid thinks that good relations with the staff help cricketers
May 7, 2021, 6:04:00 AM

Junaid thinks that good relations with the staff help cricketers

Junaid Khan has been overlooked by Pakistan’s team in the past few years. He knows good relations with the leaders help their chances of making the team. He also feels that since he doesn’t come from a big city, he doesn’t get the same recognition that some players tend to get.

Khan has talked about how no one has questioned his exclusion from the national team recently. He accepts it but the way that people reacted to it has irked him. Khan knows that he is a good player but he doesn’t get the same spotlight that people get. 

That is enough to frustrate anyone else, especially someone who knows that he can give so much to a team that needs a pacer like him. Khan believes that he has not been given a proper chance which is understandable. 

‘I used to be part of the national team in all three formats’, he said. ‘I used to ask for rest but I wasn’t given rest. Then came a time when I got in the bad books and was being ignored due to likes and dislikes. I was performing but was not being given a proper chance’.

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Should Khan be moved back to the team?

Despite the exclusion, Khan still wants to make the team and represent them better as he knows that he’s worthy of being called up. Pakistan is filled with star-level talent as Khan wants to be known as a top star who can help the team. 

Khan has even declined big offers from clubs which boosts his chances of making the Pakistan squad. If he is available for the events, he expects to be called up. However, he has not received the attention that he thinks that he deserves.

The 31-year-old cricketer talked about how bad he felt when he was dropped from the World Cup team. 

‘I was the second-highest wicket-taker after Hasan Ali in Champions Trophy’, Khan said. ‘But I got in the bad books of selectors, which resulted in my exclusion. I was dropped from the World Cup squad after being initially named in it’.

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Khan knows that he should be on the team

Khan will try his best to make the team despite his exclusion this time. With the way that he has played before, you can expect that he will be in the mix for a spot on that team. He’s only 31 years of age which means that he’s still in his prime. If the national team’s front office takes notice of his efforts, you will see him play for the team.

He has talked about how there is favouritism on the team but he still believes that he can work his way into the team. Despite the criticism, you can expect that the system will favour those who work hard and are determined to have a spot in the team.

Khan talked about how his experience can help the team. 

‘I have played around 120 matches for Pakistan, but I feel disappointed because I could have played around 200 matches till now’, Khan said. ‘I am being offered more money than what I earned during my peak. I refused the offer as I still want to represent’.

Hopefully, they can appreciate his commitment to the team and he will keep playing at a high level when his name is called upon to the national team.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA