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Klusener’s top three players to watch for India
Oct 15, 2021, 4:45:00 AM

Klusener’s top three players to watch for India

As India gears up for their run in the T20 World Cup, Lance Klusener believes that the team has top three talents who can lead them to their success. The former star has high hopes for the Men in Blue in their coming run at the tourney.

South Africa’s pride was seen once in Lance’s runs with the team. Over his career, the star proved that he can lead the way for their wins and that made him an icon. Now he puts the same belief as his fans once did in his games back then to India’s top stars.

Lance said the team has the trio of Rohit Sharma, Rishabh Pant, and Jasprit Bumrah as their main stars in the coming tourney. They are the players to watch out for in the 2021 edition of the T20 World Cup. Lance said it is all about winning for India at this point, and they need the trio to work on their best game if they will win a title.

Rohit has been a key member of the Indian squad for a few years now. He is the only batter to hit as many as four centuries in the 20-overs format for India. Lance said that the star has a chance to rise in big events.

Sharma shined bright in the 50-over World Cup edition, and Lance believes this is the best chance for the star to bring his talent to the next level.

Pant is also one of the best stars in India’s roster. Lance believes that Pant is the one who has MS Dhoni’s accurate hits. The left-hander made his debut in 2017 and has grown in all formats of the game ever since.

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‘Rishabh Pant as well. India are so lucky that they have got somebody like Rishabh Pant who has been able to take over from MS Dhoni’, Lance said. ‘He is fantastic and he’s got a huge huge future in the team’.

Pant may have taken his time to build the best of his games, but he made a lot of impact for the Indian side since then and he is bringing a higher level of play en route to the TWC.

Lance also had a lot of praise for Bumrah. He said the star is a reliable hitter and a strong bowler at the same time. This puts levels on how India’s roster might have a bigger chance than most people think.

Bumrah is known to be an expert in bowling, and his antics proved to be the best for the team especially in the past few series that the Men in Blue played.

India’s quest for a title begins on October 24th, and the team has a great chance to bring the best of these stars with a lot of hope for their success.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA