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Liam opens up about his ambitions to play Test cricket
Sep 23, 2021, 4:27:00 AM

Liam opens up about his ambitions to play Test cricket

Liam Livingstone has been impressive in county cricket and at The Hundred. He has ambitions to play for England’s Test cricket team to fill the roles left by Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler. It will be a hard task but Liam has the potential to match their level and possibly exceed them.

Liam is a key figure in the county cricket scene and he has also played in countries like India and Pakistan. He is an oft-forgotten player in the England system but he wants to play Test cricket for the Three Lions too. He wants to be successful because he knows he has the skills to back it up.

Unlike a lot of cricketers, Liam is the type of player who always wants to play no matter what. This is why he has played across different countries and has worked on his game with every match. He said, ‘Yes absolutely (on being a T20 nomad). In the world of cricket, you now have two routes. If you can't make it as a red ball cricketer, you still can travel the world and be part of a lot of franchise competitions’.

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Liam is working hard to get the opportunities

When you look at Liam’s track record, you can see that he always works hard to earn his opportunities. He has never been given the chance to shine on a silver platter which is why he always has a chip on his shoulder. That is good for his development because Liam thrives when people doubt him.

He is intent on travelling the world and playing in multiple cricket leagues because he knows that boosts his status even more for the England squad. He wants to be one of England’s star players which is a lofty goal since the Three Lions is considered to be in the top tier of cricket.

Liam also highlighted that he wants to build relationships with other people in his cricket journey. He said, ‘Hopefully in the next few years, I can travel the world and play in franchise league cricket. The best part is to come back again and again for the same franchises, create a fan base of yours and also create friendships that last a lifetime’.

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Liam values evolution with his playstyle

Liam wants to evolve as a cricketer with every match he plays. He has been awesome in his role for a long time and England’s evolving approach matches well with how Liam wants to play the sport.

He said, ‘I think my game changed really in last one year and English cricket's white-ball philosophy transformed around 2016. So yeah, the change in their philosophy also helped me to be fearless and it's really nice to have that environment around us. That's why we have got so many good white-ball cricketers. So I am happy to get that freedom to go out there and perform’.

Liam is happy with his white-ball exploits and it is not being appreciated by the system and the fans. Test cricket should be an option for him now since he will feel more comfortable playing his signature style for his country rather than playing in a different role.

Evolution is key to success in cricket and Liam is a big proponent of that. It will be difficult at first but when they hit their stride, England will be a better team than today. Liam hopes to be a part of that as a star player.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA