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Mills opens up about his frustrations with long-term injuries
Nov 25, 2021, 3:29:00 AM

Mills opens up about his frustrations with long-term injuries

England’s Tymal Mills was not able to play in the crucial matches of the Men’s T20 World Cup. He opened up about his frustrations about his long-term injuries that left him out of one of the biggest events in the cricket scene.

Mills made his return to cricket but he regrets that he missed out on playing the WC. England ended up losing in the semifinals to eventual champions, New Zealand in Abu Dhabi. That match would’ve been very different when you look at how Mills could’ve made an impact on the World Cup squad.

He is one of the most reliable players on the England squad and losing him was a huge blow to their chances of winning the event. England is one of the strongest teams in the world but when they miss a big piece in their rotation, you can expect them to fall off because they’re used to having a complete squad.

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Mills is happy to be back now

While England was playing in the TWC, Mills was still there to support the team. He was hurt but he wanted to be there for the team in their time of need. It was a disappointing run for Mills but he did not want to show his moment of weakness for the team because he wanted them to keep playing like he was there on the pitch.

A thigh injury might not look bad for some players but recurring injury issues might be a problem. Cricketers struggle with lower-body injuries all the time which is why it’s worrying that Mills had an ailment to his thigh.

Despite those worries, Mills is pleased with how he’s feeling nowadays. He said, ‘It's feeling good. Obviously very disappointed to pick up an injury during the World Cup. It wasn't a bad injury. So, I knew it would be a couple of weeks. But, yes, it was very frustrating to miss the end of the World Cup. I am looking forward to getting back here for the T10. I am still easing my way into it. Getting my confidence back’.

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Mills wants athletes to stay positive through injuries

When you look at most athletes, they tend to stay away from the squad when they're injured. Some players with major injuries have to stay away from the team but when they can be with the team, they should always be there for their teammates.

Mills wants to encourage this mindset because they are still a part of the team. He could’ve gone back home during the WC but he still stayed with the team because he knew they needed his voice in the dressing room. They managed to go on a strong run to the semis but they just fell short.

He said, ‘I stayed with the England team in the UAE. So, I didn't go back to England. I stayed to support and do my rehab with the England physio. They knew I had this tournament coming up, if I was fit. They helped me prepare for that… It is quite a long tournament. So, I am sure that I will continue to manage myself through that. I am being diligent and sensible’.

It will be interesting to see other athletes whether it’s in cricket or not to stay with their squads. If they can bring a positive mindset like Mills, you can expect success to follow even if they’re only on the bench and in the dressing room.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA