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Pant deserves a break in cricket
Nov 25, 2021, 3:37:00 AM

Pant deserves a break in cricket

Rishabh Pant’s form has been on a slump in the past few games so far. Even though India showed a new groove in their T20I series against New Zealand, Pant’s form was questioned by a lot of fans and some say that he needs a break from the game.

India may have won the series in a clinical manner, but Pant’s games have been a pressing issue for a team that is trying to get back up on its feet after losing in the T20 World Cup. Pant is a young wicketkeeper who still needs to work on his games to help India win.

The Men in Blue know that they still need to find a way to get wins in their tally. In just three games, Pant has only tallied 33 runs, which shows how much he needs to improve in his matches for the team.

Former Indian cricket star Robin Uthappa has backed Pant to come back stronger in his game. He said that Pant still needs to rest like any other player for India. The non-stop schedule for the squad and the lack of day-offs are not going to work well, and now it is affecting Pant’s game.

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‘Rishabh has been on the road with the Indian team for a couple of years non-stop. He has made himself available to play anything and everything without complaining’, the former Indian star said. ‘To be constantly in a bubble sap you. I am certain that also has an implication on the way he performs on the field’.

Robin also said that the star might be having a mental fatigue at this point. It is just a matter of time until the star returns back to his former self. As most fans know, Pant is the symbol of the fearless brand of cricket and he has done a lot of wonders for India over the years.

Pant has rested for India’s games for now, and this means a lot for the star at this point in the season. There is more to expect from his games as he hopes to bounce back and prove that India can still rely on him to score runs and win games for them.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA