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Patel wants fans to give Kohli a break
Sep 23, 2021, 4:33:00 AM

Patel wants fans to give Kohli a break

Parthiv Patel hopes fans could give Virat Kohli some space after his past few games have been rough to deal with. The captain has seen a lot of ups and downs and the season and fans have claimed that his games are not that good enough to lead India to more wins down the stretch.

Kohli could not set the stage on fire in his past international games. Most of them saw India get carried by stars such as Jasprit Bumrah, Ajinkya Rahane and many others. The skipper still led the team in the best way he can by helping them with his speeches on the roster.

While some will still put shame on Kohli’s name, Patel wants to be clear that fans should give him some time to get back into his old form. There are a lot of fans who also said Kohli should just step down as the captain for the Men in Blue as well.

Many cricket pundits and analysts have said that Kohli’s technique and plays have always been the same. They also think that it was just the wear and tear of time that led to a lot of tough losses in some of India’s games over the past few months.

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In some of his recent games, Patel looked at some clips of Kohli’s form and noticed that his head was a little out of place. It was not a big deal but Kohli may have missed some big hits because he was pressured as a captain for most of the games he played.

Patel also said that if Kohli was still in his prime, the star would have nailed the ball in the best way he can. While it may take some time for the captain to get back into his old form, Patel does not lose hope that he will come around before the T20 World Cup comes into play.

That tourney would be Kohli’s last chance to prove his worth as a reliable captain for the team. While he is far from closing his career, a win in the said contest would give the fans a sigh of relief that the skipper is still one of the best leaders in the game.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA