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Philander ready to work with Shaheens
Sep 16, 2021, 4:18:00 AM

Philander ready to work with Shaheens

Former South Africa pace bowler star Vernon Philander is set to coach Pakistan for the ICC T20 World Cup on October 17. The former star is pleased to have this chance with the Shaheens and ready to take on the big task as he wants to help the squad win in the tourney.

Philander played his last game in the international scene in 2020 and had a great run of his own which made him a key icon in bowling. He was crafty and unplayable when he had seams in his pitches which made him a dangerous bowler to play against.

The Shaheens have their fair share of Vernon’s antics. They lost some games thanks to the star which is why they want him to help the squad in their bowling. Regarded as one of the best stars in bowling, Vernon could be a big help that the Shaheens need.

Aside from his bright bowling mind, Vernon’s experience will come in handy for Shaheens’ young roster of bowlers as well. The former star wants to take this chance to share his mindset along with many other young stars in the game. He hopes that the team can thrive in the World Cup and beat their rivals there.

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Ramiz Raja is also the new chief for the Pakistan Cricket Board and it was he who talked to Vernon to join the coaching staff.

‘Ramiz obviously called me up and asked if I was interested in joining the Pakistan team’, Vernon said. ‘It is a huge opportunity which I couldn’t turn down. It’s also really exciting to work with a group of skillful youngsters’.

Vernon also said that he would love to add value and bring more grit to the Shaheens’ bowling attack. He believes that a consistent form in their attack should be enough to add to their arsenal and give them a better look in the competition.

The Shaheens’ boost would be great with Vernon at the helm. This should be a clear message to the rest of the squads in the coming competition as the Shaheens gear up for a big battle ahead. They would want to take down the best teams out there and this is a chance they cannot pass up.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA