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Ponting praises India's top talents
Nov 22, 2021, 4:14:00 AM

Ponting praises India's top talents

India had a poor run in their loss at the T20 World Cup, and it raised a lot of doubts about the team’s chances of winning in their other matches for the rest of the year. Ricky Ponting believes that the Men in Blue’s top talents have been efficient in their games and still deserve praise.

As much as India goes in their games, the team has been a bummer in their T20 World Cup run. The Men in Blue were expected to go all the way for a huge finish, but the team failed to live up to the hype and fell down even before they got to the semis.

While the lineup had the likes of Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and KL Rahul, the games did not end well for the Men in Blue. Many fans and experts believe that it is now the right time for India to put in the young talents as their veterans start to flop in their games.

For former Australia captain Ricky Ponting, these senior stars have shined well in their prime, but he also knows that they are only human too. This means that they get tired as well, and they cannot have the same level of play in every game as fatigue kicks in with a cricket schedule that has a few rest days in between tourneys.

The cricket legend believes that the Indian star trio should not be taken out of the lineup anytime soon. Even if they have a rising number of cricket talents, having the trio still has a bigger impact than usual, which means they can keep on improving from time to time.

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‘They had Ishan Kishan and Suryakymar Yadav in the squad, they are starting to bring a few younger guys in. But you are not going to push Rohit Sharma out, Virat out, or KL Rahul out’, Ponting said.

Ponting also said that youngsters are not going to do better if they are placed at the core right away. Like any other team, it takes time for players to grow into their roles and thrive with the rest of the squad. This means there should be no changes made to the main spots held by the stars.

The legend also said that the star trio was likely affected by fatigue. Every team needs a lot of rest for a sport like cricket, and India’s move to reduce their rest days is not a good look for the team. This is what led to the big loss in the T20 World Cup, and they have to learn well from it.

‘Yeah, I think, they were just exhausted. I mean, their run, what they have had – you’ve got to understand where they have been’, Ponting said.

Ponting’s faith in India’s star trio means that they can still do better, and fans can expect them to bring their best games soon.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA