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The most popular cricket formats for 2022 and beyond
Jan 27, 2022, 5:21:00 AM

The most popular cricket formats for 2022 and beyond

Cricket is a sport loved by millions of fans all over the world. Some say that the sport connects a lot of borders, and this only shows why it is also one of the biggest options for betting. This is why knowing the most popular formats of cricket is always a must for fans and punters alike.

Since its inception, cricket has been a big hit in the sports world. It has been one of the top sports in nations such as India, Pakistan, Australia, and the United Kingdom - which are all of the best teams in the game.

With a lot of cricket formats to choose from, punters can easily find their way around and make the best bets. These formats are different from each other and are played far from one another. They differ in terms of the number of innings played, length of games, and so on.

Knowing what are the different formats in cricket and how they work is the key to make the most of cricket betting. This ensures that punters know what they are doing and it can help them get the winnings they want in the end.

While there are many formats in cricket, punters will surely have an easy time finding the best options they can get in betting. Each format is unique and there are many ways to bet on it. This makes cricket betting more fun and more thrilling to do than most people think.

Here are the top cricket formats that punters should know of:

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Test cricket

Test cricket is the longest format in the sport. With a lot of intense games, it is considered the game’s highest standard as well. These matches are played between national teams that have Test status, which sets it apart from other formats since it has a bigger reach than others.

This format is called Test thanks to the long nature of matches. The tough games will always take a toll on the mental and physical aspect, which makes it one of the hardest formats to play. Test cricket is definitely where legends are made and where stars are put to the test.

There are two teams of 11 players who will play in a match with four innings. These can last up to four or five days. Back then, there were even matches that didn’t have a time limit, which was called Timeless Tests back then. 

A common Test match has three sessions of two hours each. There is a break between each session for 40 minutes for lunch and 20 minutes for tea. These session times and intervals can be changed depending on the situation. A loss of playing time due to bad weather is the best example that can lead to schedule changes to make up for lost time.

Test cricket is arguably the most known form of the game. This has been played since 1877 and it has earned a lot of praise from many fans since it gives them a bigger thrill of matches as opposed to the other two formats. Sides have to show endurance, technique and grit in many conditions just to get a win in this format. 

There are a total of 12 teams that have Test status, with Afghanistan being the latest team to earn the rights in 2018. There are also a total of 15 tours that feature two nations battling for a perpetual trophy on an annual basis.

One Day International

One Day International is a form of limited overs cricket, and it is played between two teams with international status as well. However, this format has teams playing for a fixed number of overs which is set at 50. A single ODI match can last up to nine hours, which makes it a middle ground between the two known formats of the sport.

ODI matches came in the late 20th century. The first ODI was played in 1971 between Australia and England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It was originally a Test match, but when the first three days of the third Test were washed out, officials soon made a call to abandon the match and play a one off game instead that has 40 eight-ball overs per side.

Since then, ODI became a pacier format and became popular in the 1980s. This led to a lot of teams playing with a lot of grit since they have a blend in technique, skill and speed. There are a total of 12 teams with ODI status in cricket, with Ireland being the latest addition in December 2017. 

There are also eight teams that have temporary ODI status that allows them to join in top tournaments in the sport. The International Cricket Council grants some associate members permanent ODI status without granting them full membership and Test status. This was a way to allow the best teams to gain regular experience on the international stage before proving themselves for the full membership.

ODIs were also played in white kits with a red ball. The use of pink-ball in Test matches came into play due to the red ball’s poor visibility at night. Thanks to the ODI, most cricket teams have found success in their games and used the format to gain pace for Test matches.

The ODI is perfect for a lot of punters who do not have the luxury of time to watch in longer games and can squeeze their schedule. Betting on ODI games is not that hard since there is a smaller number of overs.

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Twenty20 Internationals

T20I matches are known to be the shortest format of the game and has a total of 20 overs per side. This format is thrilling due to the pace of every match. It is the latest format to be added to the list of cricket types as well. It can be the training ground or a backup plan for some punters in case they lose in their wagers in other formats.

A T20I game is usually done within three hours or more. This means that players have to make a lot of big runs and notch huge numbers in a quick span. This format is all about scoring and players have to play it smart to tally runs and build a huge lead since 20 overs is a short time to play.

This format also demands strong bowling and fast fielding for most players. This has made it popular among many countries and players have to train hard when it comes to setting the defence in a short span of time. This ensures the strong and intense contests between teams in the game.

A common game of T20I lasts for around 90 minutes. There is a break of 10 minutes each per inning. The game format was boosted over the years, and this was perfect for the dwindling number of fans and sponsors due to the longer formats of the game. It was intended to deliver the fast pace cricket that most fans love in the sport, and it paid off well.

Punters should consider T20I as an option in betting since matches don’t take too long to finish and they can manage their time well in these games. There are also a lot of quick markets in this format so they can get a lot of wins in a snap.

How cricket tournaments work

Aside from the regular tours for various formats, the ICC also hosts a lot of tourneys played by its members. These contests are the biggest stage of each format and they test the mettle and grit of each team that hopes to make history in the tourneys.

There is a cricket tournament format for each type which makes the sport extra special than others. Cricket is the only sport that has various formats, therefore having a tournament in each makes it one of the big leagues in the world.

The main tourneys held by the ICC are the World Test Championship, the World Cup and the T20 World Cup. These tourneys are the biggest contests that punters should focus on if they want to get a chance at winning their wagers. 

Cricket tournament betting can be a little bit hectic for some punters if they don’t know how each of the tourneys works. This is why it is always wise for them to at least have an idea of when to look out for those games and how each of those works.

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ICC World Test Championship

The ICC World Test Championship is a league tourney played in the Test format. This first started out in August 2019 which is in line with the ICC’s goal to have at least one prime tourney for each of the three formats of international cricket.

This tourney is played every three years since Tests are long formats of the game. The first tourney was held from 2019 to 2021, and the next edition will take place from 2021 to 2023.

The first tourney began with the 2019 Ashes series. New Zealand was the first team to reach the final in the inaugural edition and won against India in June 2021 at the Rose Bowl in Southampton.

ICC World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is the international tourney for the ODI format. This event is played every four years to determine which teams will have a shot at the main tourney. Only 10 teams, including the host nation, will have a chance to play in the main contest after the elimination rounds. The 2027 edition will see a change to allow an expansion of 14 teams in the main contest as well.

The CWC is one of the world’s most viewed sporting events and is known as the flagship event of the international cricket calendar. This makes the CWC a perfect option for punters since this tourney offers some of the best action between international teams. Betting on this tournament is a great chance for punters to enjoy since it is blessed with a lot of markets to wager on.

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T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is the international championship for Twenty20 cricket. This contest has 16 teams, with ten of those being the ones making it to the final draw while the other six are chosen through the qualifier. Teams who play in this tourney are expected to have a lot of grit and grind since it demands a lot of scoring as in regular games.

The event is held every two years. India won the inaugural tourney in 2007 and was followed by Pakistan (2009), England (2010), West Indies (2012), and Sri Lanka (2014). West Indies took another win in 2016 but was dethroned by Australia in the 2021 edition.

What's consistent across all formats?

All three formats are known all over the world, and they deliver a lot of intense matches between the contending teams. However, Test cricket stands out as the most popular and is consistent among the three. Cricket is known to be a demanding sport across all formats, and this shows the emphasis on why the games are loved by many fans all over the world.

For punters who want to learn how to win cricket betting, Test cricket is the best option for bigger winnings since there are a lot of odds and markets in this tourney. A lot can happen in the span of four to five days, making Test cricket more intense than any other format in the sport.

That kind of consistency in cricket is seen with a lot of tours, and the Test format has seen a lot of intense battles, and rivalries between teams such as India, Pakistan, Australia and England. This is why Test cricket remains popular all over the world.

Cricket continues to be one of the biggest sports that people have seen over the years. With a lot of tournament formats to choose from in cricket, punters will never run out of options to choose from and they will have a bigger chance to win in the long run.

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