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Ramiz Raja laments Pakistan's recent cricket failures
Jul 13, 2021, 3:42:00 AM

Ramiz Raja laments Pakistan's recent cricket failures

Pakistan lost in the ODI series against an England squad that had a limited amount of talent. This has led Ramiz Raja to lament the loss. It is a bad result for Pakistan because England’s squad was mostly made up of players outside the regular lineup.

A new-look England squad can pose some issues during the first game of the series. Unfamiliarity with an opponent is a good reason why teams lose in the first game but a second loss should serve as a lesson for the future of Pakistan’s team. England still had Ben Stokes as their captain and star but Babar Azam and Pakistan should’ve won both games. 

The losses were due to batting collapses in both games. Pakistan won the bowling battle but they have to do better when it comes to their batting. Some people said this was only England’s number two team which meant that Pakistan’s best squad lost to England’s reserves. That should motivate Pakistan in the future because this loss was embarrassing when you look at it that way.

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Raja gives his thoughts on the match

As a former player for the national side, Raja was visibly upset about the result. He expected more from his team because they were playing against an England squad that was missing some key players due to COVID-19 rules.

‘If you map this series defeat on the Richter scale, the value of shock will clock fifteen’, Raja said. ‘It’s a massive blow and I don't understand how one can defend it. It’s England’s No.2 team, in terms of talent. If you take out Ben Stokes, not a single player of the team that defeated Pakistan would get selected in England’s regular team in near future’.

It is a big loss for Pakistan because they believe that they’re in the upper echelon of cricket teams. England is one of the best teams in the world but they always had a solid amount of talent in their squad. With the majority of their regular squad not with the team, it was surprising they took the win but it is mostly due to Pakistan underperforming.

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Can Pakistan bounce back?

Losing a single three-game series is a bad look for any team but Pakistan can bounce back in future games. They need to fix their issues so they can keep up with the rest of the world in terms of the quality of their squads.

Raja talked about why the team needs to have a better perspective when it comes to choosing the squad and playing better overall. 

‘How much more time should be given to the coaches before their performance is judged?’, he said. ‘Extremely awful selection. Some overrated players keep on playing for Pakistan. I don’t understand how to back this team. We expect them to improve some areas and learn from their mistakes. But enough is enough’.

They need to bounce back strong by playing well in the future. In the meantime, they need to take this loss on the chin and learn from it. People will be critical of the team but it will be up to the players to step up when needed. As the captain, Azam will be held to a higher standard but he needs to step up for the team in all aspects of the game. 

If he can step up to the challenge, you can expect Pakistan to contend for a title soon. The rest of the team just needs to follow his lead.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA