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Riyad believes winning three straight series is a morale boost
Sep 14, 2021, 3:45:00 AM

Riyad believes winning three straight series is a morale boost

Bangladesh’s national cricket team has been stellar over the past few months with many big wins. T20I captain Mahmudullah Riyad believes this is a morale boost because they have looked even better since they started their winning run.

Even if they suffered a few defeats recently, the Tigers have bounced back again with stretches of wins. This is a good sign for the Bangladesh squad since they are not known as a traditional top team. They are preparing themselves for the T20 World Cup which is an event where they want to keep up with the top teams like India, England, and many more.

As the captain, Riyad has a good perspective on the team and he is ready to help them prove themselves on the big stage.

Riyad said, ‘I think we have played some very good cricket in the last three series. And winning three series in a row a real morale-boost. Hopefully, we can regroup at the World Cup and win some games over there’.

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Bangladesh’s recent series against New Zealand was another strong performance from the team. They want to keep up with the rest of the top teams in the world and since NZ is in that top tier, you can expect Bangladesh to become a strong team in the foreseeable future. They have a solid captain in Riyad who is always ready to help his team succeed with his leadership and performances on the pitch.

Riyad also credited his opponents for helping him learn lessons. He said, ‘I think bowlers did quite well but we didn't finish well enough. We probably went for too many runs in the last couple of overs but the bowlers bowled their hearts out. The spinners bowled really well. Shoriful (Islam) also picked up two early wickets and gave us the momentum to restrict them’.

It will be fun to see how Bangladesh will perform in the T20 World Cup. The three straight series wins should be just what they need to build towards the future. They are filled to the brim with talent but people have not noticed it just yet. They can pull off a surprise run where they can win the title as an underdog.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA