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Tim Groenewald decides to retire from professional cricket
Jul 23, 2021, 3:44:00 AM

Tim Groenewald decides to retire from professional cricket

Veteran pacer Tim Groenewald called it a career after 15 years. He ended his career at 37 years of age which he started when he was only 22 back in 2006. He was a veteran player in the county cricket system in England for his entire career.

Tim is mostly known for his time with three teams during his career. He once played for Warwickshire early in his career for three years and then he spent five years playing for Derbyshire from 2009 to 2014. Tim was one of their main stars during that era but it came to an end in 2014 when they loaned him to Somerset where he played for five years.

His last team was Kent where he played for only one season before deciding to step away from the sport. After he announced his retirement, Tim made sure to address all the stints he had in his career. He said, ‘I feel privileged to have played professional cricket for 16 years. I will always be extremely grateful to the clubs I’ve represented and the opportunities they have afforded me’.

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Why injuries played a big part in his decision

At Tim’s age, it is hard to come back from major injuries to the lower leg area. Back in April 2021, Tim needed knee surgery. He and the Kent staff tried everything for him to come back but it wasn’t enough to get him back at full strength.

Tim talked about this and he is visibly sad about what happened. He said, ‘I required knee surgery in April and despite amazing support from the medical team at Kent and giving it every chance, I haven’t recovered well enough to return to playing’.

It’s sad to see an athlete retire from the sport that they love due to their health issues. The knees are vital for any type of movement which is why his managers did not want him to keep going and risk long-term damage. 

While Tim may return after his injury heals up in the future, it will be unlikely because he will come back when he’s even older. Being a pro athlete usually ends when one nears the end of his 30s and since he’s already 37, it will be hard for Tim to attempt a return after this announcement to step away.

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He was a beloved figure in county cricket

Tim ended his stint with Kent after just one season but his impact remains big to this day. He only played nine matches with the team but it felt like he was a longtime member. His standout game was against Surrey back in September 2020 when he led his team to a solid victory.

Kent’s director of cricket Paul Downton talked about how much they’ve enjoyed Tim’s presence within the team. He said, ‘Tim has enjoyed a long and successful career in first-class cricket playing for a number of counties and winning several titles. He has been a great role model for any young player in the way that he has conducted himself both on and off the pitch’.

Despite stepping away, Tim left a lasting mark on how his teams play for the future. Kent will have the most evident effect since he was just a part of the team but it stretches back to the other teams he played for earlier in his career. Hopefully, people can appreciate what he did for England’s county cricket.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA