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Top cricket betting styles
Jan 27, 2022, 5:34:00 AM

Top cricket betting styles

It’s crucial to understand how the betting market works before jumping into the cricket betting scene. With the global recognition the sport is getting, the competition gets heavier by the year with several punters coming into the endeavour.

Cricket betting has several markets you can bet on which gives you more chances of winning. With this, it will also be easier for you to place your bets.

A cricket betting style is similar to your everyday sports wagering market but is more in line with cricket. Just like its contemporaries, it’s an exchange-traded market that is created for trading outcomes of a cricket match.

It may sound simple at first, but it gets way more challenging as more aspects of the game get covered in the betting market of your choice. To understand how to win cricket betting, learning each popular market is paramount to your success as a punter.

So, here are each cricket betting market to start wagering your money on and the cricket tournament betting odds of each one.

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Introduction to cricket betting markets

Simply put, cricket betting markets are a variety of bets offered by cricket bookmakers in every match. Each market has unique probabilities that turn into different outcomes from a single match. 

For example, determining the winner of the match is one of the many betting markets you can wager on. This one is on the simpler side: All you need to do is place your bets to who you think will win a game.

Sportsbooks like do careful analysis through past events and matches to determine which cricket tournament betting is most appropriate to earn profit. They also analyse which matches are bettors most likely to bet on. These matches tend to be during important games like Test Championships.

For cricket tournament betting like the championships and team rankings, betting sites create a special category for punters that allow for a more exciting betting experience that make bettors actively wager in such tournaments.

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The top 5 most popular cricket betting styles

Now that you have a clear idea of what cricket betting styles are, it’s now time to delve into the top 5 betting markets to wager on. 

Winner (incl. super over)

For all cricket matches, betting sites offer this style to players to bet on who would outright win a cricket match. It’s one of the simplest betting styles to try out. All it takes for the punter to win the bet is for the team they wagered on to win the match itself. 

This betting style basically lets you bet on a head to head match between two teams, either in tournaments or domestic league matches. In every head to head match, one is expected to be the favourite while the other is the underdog.

For instance, a live match between India and South Africa may show decimal odds of 1.53 and 2.52 respectively at the beginning. Favourites feature lower numbers, meaning India is more likely to win this match against South Africa.

Because this is a live match, the odds change in real time depending on external factors like injury, state of play, and the actual score of each inning.

Will there be a tie? (incl. super over)

Cricket matches also have a market for punters to bet on a match ending with a tie or not. This means that by the end of the whole game, the scores are completely even. Let’s say the match between India and South Africa has odds of ending with a tie at 18.00 while not having a tie at 1.01. This means that the chances of a draw is extremely low.

Recent history actually shows that there were only 2 tied matches between the teams’ head to head victory, thus the stakes.

While the odds are high for this particular matchup, you should always put into mind the real probability of ties that occurred throughout the history of the sport.

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Team with top bowler

Betting on a team with the top bowler is a cricket betting style that allows punters to pick which team has the player that takes out the most wickets under a single match.

Punters can also bowl proper wagers on each team such as the specific player will be a top bowler or batter. When betting, you can choose the multi bets option to increase your chances of winning.

For example, real-life odds for the Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab have close 1.78 and 1.92 odds of having the top bowler respectively. This match is a great example because it shows odds that are very similar which tells you that the lineup of these two teams have almost similar strengths and weaknesses.

The odds will tell you that the Kolkata Knight Riders has a slight edge over Kings XI Punjab in having the player who’ll knock out the most wickets. But judging by the numbers, the odds can fluctuate so either one can have the top bowler.

Team with top batsman

Similarly to the team with the top bowler, the one with the top batsman will give punters who wagered on these markets the opportunity to multiply their bets depending on the batsman who scores the most runs.

On the off-chance that there will be more than one top batsman in the game, whether these players are on the same team or opponents, they will be dead-heated.

When the player you backed on is dead-heated with one more batsman, you’ll be paid out at half the original odds. If it’s two or more batsmen, then you’ll be paid out at a third of the original odds.

Unlike the top bowler market where some bookmakers see how many runs were conceded when a tie happens between bowlers, the top batsman rule never makes any provisions. It all boils down to the strike rate or the number of boundaries two or more batsmen are tied in a match.

In the same example from the Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab, each top batsman's odds are at 1.75 and 1.96 respectively. This gives the former a slight advantage of having the batsmen.

However, should one more batsman get the same number of runs as the top batsman, they will be dead-heated and punters who backed the team to have the top batsman. Each will get one-half of the original odds as payouts while a third should the match have two or more equal top batsmen.

Which team wins the coin toss

A coin toss’ purpose is for the captain to get the opportunity to choose whether their team will bat or field at the beginning of the cricket match. While unrelated to the bet itself, the likelihood of teams winning the match after winning the toss is higher (34.6%) than those who lost (31.0%).

This market is fairly simple as whoever wins the coin toss gets the payout. The likelihood of a coin landing either heads or tails is outright 50%. The odds also reflect that number as well. 

In a match between the Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals, the odds for each team is both 1.90. This allows punters to get the same likelihood of winning the coin toss to whichever team they find will get the desired outcome of the said toss.

Why you should know more about cricket betting markets first before wagering

The global sports betting market is valued at over $85 billion (around ₹6.38 lakh crores) which makes it an industry for punters who want to earn a huge amount of money. This is why knowing the ins and outs of each betting market is the first step into earning a profit through cricket betting.

Furthermore, you will also get the sense of learning more about your actual risk appetite and not just blindly betting on whichever team you feel will win without looking into things more clearly. 

Each market has its own risks, and most punters may want to delve deeper into those markets to see how their risk appetites fare in the different situations. These appetites also depend on the different cricket betting styles.

After careful evaluation on which market to go for, understanding their basic principles and the different cricket betting tips you’ll learn along the way will make a huge difference.

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Cricket betting styles FAQs

If you still have concerns about the different cricket betting styles, then here are the frequently asked questions from punters that will also help you a lot in your betting journey.

Do all betting sites provide the same cricket betting styles?

The mentioned styles above are among the most popular and profitable in cricket betting. Some that use different terminologies function the exact same way. For instance, ‘Which team wins the coin toss’ is the same as ‘Coin toss market’.

While both are different in some way, they serve the same purpose for punters who want to bet in said market. Some sites also try to provide certain additional styles unique to them to lure in more punters.

To answer this question, not all present the same styles despite having very similar functions because some sites offer unique markets specific to the features they provide.

Which sites are best for cricket betting?

There are numerous sites to wager on when sports betting. Fortunately, the majority of sportsbooks have several cricket betting markets. To familiarise yourself with the different cricket betting styles and have cricket as a sport option for sports betting, visit

Can punters bet on any market during a match?

Yes! Such markets fall under the in-play betting category where you can find them in a separate tab from a site or app. This allows you to make multiple bets at the same time from different markets. 

Are past records integral when placing bets?

Betting has uncertainty or a risk element for any sport. However, bookmakers also put a lot into their own research and analysis to study past trends and matches that develop the odds of a certain match.

Thus, analysing past games and records allows a punter to place educated bets and increase their likelihood of success which is integral in actually winning a bet.

While this sounds probable, you have to remember that a match is completely independent from the past events. The statistics and history only help project a likelihood of an outcome, not foresee the actual events that will transpire for a certain match.

Final say

There are several aspects to learn when betting on cricket matches and teams for the first time. Allowing yourself to absorb all the information from the betting styles to the unique ways you can gain an advantage when betting is paramount to your success in this business.

As a growing industry for both the sport and the betting scene, punters have a lot to look forward to when they place their bets on their favourite teams.

If you happen to stumble upon a game when turning on your television, make sure to remember these cricket betting styles and hope that your bets multiply by the end of the match.

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