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Top cricket players in the world
Dec 9, 2021, 4:42:00 AM

Top cricket players in the world

Cricket has had so many stars that uplift their teams’ chances of winning more games and gaining more recognition as an already global sport. With these players’ talent, there’s always a chance for great entertainment when watching cricket.

From batsmen to bowlers, there are so many talented players to choose from in every position that makes the game much more interesting to watch. With so much firepower in the offence of most cricket teams, the competition also gets a significant boost where games get down to the wire that leaves fans at the edge of their seats.

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Below are some of the best cricket players in the world: 

Virat Kohli 

Hardcore cricket fans will allude to Virat Kohli as the best batsman in cricket in this era. He has achieved so many feats in his young career so far which is so unbelievable to a point where you’ll be shocked by the next record he’ll break mid-way through the season.

He is an incredible batsman who has one of the smoothest hits among the highest volume batters in cricket history. His scoring prowess is also nothing to dismiss as he can run down the mid-field to score many points due to his incredible stamina that synergises well with his amazing batting skills. With these two in his arsenal, the defence scrambles to take the ball and find a way to stop him.

Like most great players in any sport, Kohli remains consistent with his plays across all facets of his game. In the 2020 season, he has converted 325 runs in only 16 matches with a strike rate and average of 119.9 and 25.00 respectively. It’s quite marvelous to witness one of the most prolific runners like Kohli dominate the sport by storm the moment he sets foot on the cricket field as fans cheer for his name.

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Shakib Al Hasan

There’s very few players who have the overall skill sets necessary to succeed in a league where other players simply lack. Shakib Al Hasan is one of these players who have mastered all the needed skills like batting, running, and catching.

Like most great players, Shakib performs well against the best teams like New Zealand. In a series against the Kiwis back in 2017, he scored a career-best 217 runs to put him in a class of only a few players to do so. He has great averages too of 31 for the 20201 season when playing against the best teams in the world under the international league.

While his team is currently struggling with very few quality fielders, Shakib remains to be effective at what he does and continues to push his team in a competitive position. Other opposing teams would still look out for every time facing Bangladesh during a match.

Rohit Sharma

When it comes to hitting sixes, Rohit Sharma can do so with ease relatively better than bigger players. The man simply oozes talent, and he happens to be today’s greatest opener in modern cricket.

When describing Rohit, there are a few words to say like ‘dedicated’ as he masters his craft to further punish teams that aren’t careful with their defence. Often regarded as the ‘Hitman’, he is now the ODI captain of the Indian cricket team.

Rohit has had so many legendary games as well where he broke the record books in batting and scoring. Right now, he still plays for India and you can see his team succeeding which puts them ahead of the pack in most scenarios.

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Kane Williamson

Aside from his amazing cricket skills, Kane Williamson is also regarded as one of the good-natured cricket players due to his constant social media posts where he shares some of his wholesome experiences during the day.

However, his charming and agreeable personality should not blind you from his extreme talent on the field. Williamson can destroy opposing teams in a fashion that can only be described as ‘brutal’ - not a term coined for the nicest guy in cricket, apparently.

His scoring prowess and prolific running game is exemplified through his tough leadership in the field. To juxtapose his records to other greats in the league right now, Williamson scored 24 centuries which is not far off from Virat Kohli’s 27. Kane also has the highest test average of 65.74 in the last three years which puts a minimum of 1,000 runs. The next player with similar statlines is Babar Azam with 62.80 and Steve Smith at 52.62.

If you’re looking for a reliable batsman who can score reluctantly, then Williamson, any fan of cricket should want to have Kane in their favourite team.

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Babar Azam

While players like Kohli have one of the flashiest strokes and scoring prowess any cricket player should envy, Babar Azam simply shows the world why he is the best for merely his accolades alone.

To swing a fast bat, Babar does so in the fastest way possible where he reached 1,000 runs in the T20 World Cup in just 26 innings.

Babar is simply a gift to cricket, and his accolades should speak for themselves when proving why he is such an integral part of the sport. For starters, he has scored 397 runs in the past 5 innings and is one of the most prolific scorers Pakistan has ever witnessed. He also participated in a lot of T20I matches where he won against England in 2016 and scored an unbeaten 15 runs that helped surge Pakistan by 9 wickets.

The Pakistani star is simply a national treasure, and his team has yielded so much benefit when putting him in the field to prepare himself in dominating opposing teams.

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Words: Vonn Consul

Image: PA