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Top Indian cricket stars who made an impact
Dec 8, 2021, 3:46:00 AM

Top Indian cricket stars who made an impact

Fans have always loved the way India played in their cricket games, and their success leads back to the best players who gave it their all. Their strong games made an impact towards their runs over the years, making them an icon in the team.

The Men in Blue are one of the best teams in cricket, which says a lot about their reputation as giants in the sport. Their games are always intense and the Men in Blue has been gunning for a lot of wins in every tourney. Their rise to dominance was unstoppable, and it was all thanks to their stars who led the way to success.

Every Indian star made an impact for the team which was seen in India’s sudden rise to the top. As an elite team, the Men in Blue earned a lot of praise from other teams and analysts, and their success was seen as a strong front among many cricket nations.

Here are the top players who made an impact for India:

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Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is a former captain who is known as one of the best batsmen of all time. He is seen as the king of Indian cricket and proved his worth as a solo player in his first few years before MS Dhoni came into play and more stars joined the fray. He was an icon and amazed a lot of fans all over the world.

The legend served as the mirror of Sir Don Bradman. Sachin’s shots are the same as the latter and proved that he can live up to the hype. He never gave up all the way to the big finish when he lifted the World Cup Trophy in 2011.

Sachin is regarded as one of the greatest Indian cricketers most notably for his feats. He is the highest run scorer of all time in cricket and is the only player to nail 100 international centuries. On top of that, Sachin was also the first to score a double century in an ODI and holds the record for the most runs in both Tests and ODIs, making more than 30,000 runs while also being the first to do so.

Tendulkar became a standard for India, and his success proved that there was more to expect from the Men in Blue’s talents.

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MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni was known as a critical leader for the Men in Blue most notably for his success in leading the squad to a World Cup title. Dhoni is more than just a batsman and a wicketkeeper as he proved to be the mastermind of any winning match for India.

His strong understanding of the game and tactics have made India a formidable contender over the years. The Men in Blue was a menace under his lead and most fans think that there is no one that could live up to the same level that Dhoni led India.

Dhoni’s legacy with India is shining bright with his success both as a batsman and a captain. As a true legend, he is compared to Sachin but fans even believe that Dhoni is a clear cut thanks to his superior tactics as a leader for India back in those days as a skipper.

For starters, Dhoni handled pressure well when he was named as skipper for India, and the Men in Blue thrived well with his lead. He was a strong star and every fan knew that his success would be hard to live up to. This is what made him a strong legend among India’s top players and that shows a lot about his level of play.

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Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil serves as one of the world’s favourite Indian cricket players. There are many fans who love because of his success with India in their games against Australia.

His legacy goes as far as the Border-Gavaskar trophy, simply because he was the best leader for the Men in Blue during the times when the rivalry was so intense, and that set the bar for their games in Down Under later on.

Sunil was also praised for being a humble star. That was the beauty about his games and the only selfish act he did was to chase personal records. He set most of those records in a short span of time, holding the record of 34 Test centuries for almost two decades before Sachin broke it in 2005.

On top of that, Sunil was also the first Test batsman to score 10,000 Test runs in a career and he now stands at no. 12 in the group of 13 players who reached the feat. That proves a lot about his success as a leader and a star for the Men in Blue, which makes him an inspiration to many.

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Virat Kohli

Kohli is seen as one of the best cricket players in the world thanks to his outstanding batting. He is a strong player when it comes to key games and he sure made a strong message to beat the odds for most of his career. As the current captain in Tests and ODIs, Kohli continues to wreak havoc against many teams in the sport.

Fans say that he is the best cricket player in the modern era, and so far he made huge efforts to win games for the Men in Blue. His style of batting is hard to read and it is just a few more games before he can set more records in Indian cricket.

These stars have shaped India’s history and reputation in cricket. They are the reason why the Men in Blue are seen as one of the best teams in the world.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA