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Why England's loss was a disastrous result for the squad
Jun 15, 2021, 4:05:00 AM

Why England's loss was a disastrous result for the squad

England fell against New Zealand in their second Test series by eight wickets. England was favoured to win which is why this result can play a big factor in the future. Joe Root and the rest of the team was disappointed with the result.

NZ showed discipline as they played their best game with energy and the necessary poise under the pressure. England was unbeaten at home since 2014 which means this is one of the worst results in a long while for the Three Lions. 

England looked timid which should not happen for a top-tier team. They are the defending Cricket World Cup champs which means people expect so much from them. If they disappoint like this, you can expect the cricket world to hone in on their gaps and capitalize on their losses.

There is a history of English players missing series due to the team’s desire to prevent injuries. The biggest missing names were all-rounder Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer who both had injury struggles. Jos Buttler and Chris Woakes were a part of the squad that rested in this series. Yes, this team didn’t have the best players possible but they still should’ve stayed competitive with NZ.

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Is it time to panic for England?

With the poor results England has incurred over the past few months, their fans have started to panic. Understandably people feel that way because the results are worrying. They also have to face India in a few weeks before ending the year against Australia. 

Root gave his thoughts on the loss and how it affects England’s future. 

‘We've massively underperformed’, he said. ‘But we've got a lot of cricket still to play this summer and there is a lot of cricket to be played between now and the Ashes. We've just got to stay calm and trust what we've been doing for a long time now’.

NZ is now the top-ranked Test side in the world and they’re set to play against India in the first-ever World Test Championship final later this week. 

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A learning experience

England should use this loss as a big lesson for their future. They need to know playing with low energy will only hurt their chances of winning the tournaments that they play in. Fortunately, some of their best players were not with the team which means they can improve more. 

As the captain, Root reflected on the lessons they can learn from this upsetting loss. 

‘New Zealand have schooled us a little bit this week’, Root said. ‘There is still plenty of learning to do, but if you can marry that with the talent and ability that our batters have got, we could see some really big scores by the back end of the year’. 

Both Buttler and Stokes’ absences were big. They are relied upon to carry England offensively but they were not with the team. If they can come back soon ready and healthy, you can expect England to be one of the best teams again. 

They realized NZ was a superior team in this series. If they can play at a similarly high level, you can expect England will be strong again. Hopefully, they will all be healthy so the team can reach their potential. They need to realize they’re a strong team and they need a sense of urgency to perform.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA