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Why India can win big over England
Jul 6, 2021, 3:30:00 AM

Why India can win big over England

India is primed for a huge match with England this August as they hope to keep on winning over the Three Lions. The Men in Blue also aim to score a huge win on the road where they have failed to win over the years.

While the team fell short in their run at the WTC Final to New Zealand, the Men in Blue still stand proud and tall as they look to win in their next Test series with England. For the early games of the year, the Men in Blue have thrived well in their games with the Three Lions so far.

Now that there is a long rest ahead before the five-game series, a lot of people think that India may have an edge at this point in time. Aside from the hot run by Virat Kohli and the rest of the squad in the past few months, the big plays that the Indians have put in their game with the Black Caps serve as a warm-up for this one.

For most of the game, India led big before the Black Caps came back strong and willed to win on the final day. The grit on display by the Men in Blue is a huge factor in their runs since they had to adjust in England’s home ground.

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Why the WTC Final is a huge plus for India

Despite the loss, the WTC Final was a huge help for the squad since it allowed them to gain their ground on the field. They got a better feel of the field and they now know how the wind works on this one than at home.

There are a lot of fans who have seen India make the big moves in their rotation, such as putting Kohli in the middle of the batting order rather than starting him there. If that will stay the same for their games in England, then there is a chance that the Men in Blue have found their groove well ahead of the series.

The Black Caps also did well in their pitchers, and this made Indian batsmen ready for more action in the long run. They saw how the bowlers beat them to the punch, and they are ready to adjust to the wind changes and the ball’s impact. That will play a huge role in the next series.

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India’s bowling unit

Aside from the batsmen, India’s own bowling unit has made some key changes. Their battle with the Black Caps proved to be an open book for anyone to read - India has used a lot of slow bowls more than the faster ones. They might actually play those well in this Test series.

Former Australia skipper Ian Chappell thinks that India can make the most of their pitches over England.

‘In recent years India has joined the ranks of pace-bowling proficient teams’, Chappell said. ‘As a consequence, they have enjoyed success in Australia, reached the final of the WTC, and now have an even-money chance of beating England on their home turf. Good pace bowling definitely has its advantages’.

India may have to make sure that they claim a big win over England. After all, they have waited a long time for this chance and here they are once more. Who knows, the Men in Blue may pull off another stunning win on the road just like they did at The Gabba.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA