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Why India stands tall among cricket teams
Dec 1, 2021, 3:39:00 AM

Why India stands tall among cricket teams

India is known as one of the best teams in cricket, and their success over the last few years have proved their worth as a leader in the sport. It is easy to say that the Men in Blue can still stand tall as they continue to show what it means to be an icon.

India is known as one of the best teams in the world. It is not a surprise that the team has always been in the ranks of the top squads in the world, and their success over the years says a lot about their dedication and grit.

No one can deny the fact that India stands as one of the winningest teams in cricket. Their rivalries with teams such as Pakistan, Australia, and England proves that they are on the top tier. That shows a lot of promise for the Men in Blue as they continue to show what it means to be the best in cricket.

India has always been on the leading side of cricket over these years. Their success as one of the teams to push for big wins in the game led them to set the bar in the sport. 

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India’s success are sky high

India was always a strong front for cricket. The MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli era has been successful so far and they crushed through the bigger games they played over the years. They took home a lot of wins which says a lot the way they play in their tourneys.

The Men in Blue has always been on the prowl for success. They are working hard when it comes to winning in most of their ranked games where they need to score points to push for more chances in the standings. That is also a huge sign that the Men in Blue are doing all they can to prove that they are winners.

For starters, they had a winning record under MS Dhoni. The former captain first took over the helm in 2007, the legend has tallied a total of 110 wins - which is the most for any captain in the history of the sport. That says a lot about the way he led India to a promised run, and no one can deny the fact that his greatness made India a contender.

When Virat Kohli came in, the numbers were fairly good. The star has led them to a good track and they are doing well for some time now. Their loss at the T20 World Cup 2021 was not a good look but they showed the world what it means to be a gritty squad that can prove why they are still the best.

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India has a lot of notable players

Team India is known as the powerhouse in cricket. The seeds of these giants were spawned early and their success over the years has led them to be the turning team of the century. On top of that, India has always been on the prowl thanks to some of the greatest cricket stars who have turned the tide of success for the Men in Blue.

Cricket legends have not only been vital to making the Men in Blue formidable, but they have also inspired a lot of players to rise in the modern game. The likes of Vijay Hazare, Virender Sehwag, Rahul Dravid, and Sachin Tendulkar have all changed the way India play, which shows a lot of promise to the talent they have today.

The Men in Blue are seen as giants for their ability to outdo and beat the best teams in the world. It is the efforts of these legends that changed the way they played today, and that proves that India is still the best.

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Immense love for cricket

India is also seen as a home for cricket. A lot of people, even the young ones, play it on the streets with just planks and balls - the same way that Brazil has this love for football. 

Cricket became a vital part of India’s culture, and the nation embraced it as if it's their national sport. The first cricket game in India was played in 1864, and fans still look back at it as the start of a nation that was united by one sport.

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History proves that India played a huge role in cricket’s growth, and one cannot deny the fact that their success has delivered well for both the game and the nation as a whole. 

Thanks to India’s success, the team became a part of the elite club in 1932 - bringing great pride to the country as it carried their name all over the world. A lot of intense games have put the fans off their feet, and they continue to show the rest of the world why they are one of the sports’ biggest teams even if they fail to rack up wins in the big tourneys.

No matter what game they play, the Men in Blue are always ready, and they have the whole country on their backs. That fan support gave them a huge hope in every game at home, and it was all worth it.

As India continues to lead the sport, fans can expect them to have the best games in the coming years. There is no shortage of success with the Men in Blue, and they are still on the prowl for more wins in the coming years.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA