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Why KL Rahul's injury hurts for the IPL's Punjab Kings
May 4, 2021, 6:01:00 AM

Why KL Rahul's injury hurts for the IPL's Punjab Kings

Punjab Kings captain KL Rahul had to undergo surgery after he was diagnosed with acute appendicitis. This will leave him out of the lineup for a while. This is a big deal considering that Rahul is the top scorer for the team and he’s also their vocal leader.

Rahul complained about severe pain in the abdominal region. Of course, playing cricket was out of the question which meant that Rahul needed to have surgery to relieve him of the pain. 

Mayank Agarwal talked about Rahul and how his absence affects the way they play. 

‘KL Rahul is going for surgery and hopefully, he should be back’, Mayank said. ‘Would’ve liked two points but I guess we were about 10 short on that wicket. And the kind of powerplay they had we really had to scrap and fight. One batsman has to bat through, that was my plan. It was my day, I took that responsibility. Unfortunately, we did not get too many in the middle overs, even though we finished well’.

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Rahul is a big loss

At the moment, Rahul is the IPL’s top run-scorer. He had 331 runs in seven matches with four half-centuries. That kind of production is what you can expect from two players but Rahul did it on his own. He will miss a good amount of games which will hurt the Kings as they look to compete for a title this season. 

It is a shame that the Kings are without their star player as they know he’s the key to them winning games. They are reliant on him to score runs but it seems that the team is ready to take over in his absence. Mayank is a big reason for this as he has been the star and main option for the team. 

An appendicitis diagnosis is hard to measure but it seems like Rahul will need some time away. It will be tough to bounce back but it seems that the Kings are ready to prove the doubters wrong. Rahul is a big part of the team but he’s not the only player who can play at a high level.

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Will the Kings perform well?

For the Kings, it is hard to forecast if they can perform at a high level. Rahul is doubtful about their return for the rest of the 2021 season which means that they will have to perform well without Rahul to lead them. His run-count will be missed but the Kings know that they have a talented lineup that can compete with any team in the IPL.

They need to perform at a high level to keep up with the rest of the IPL. Mayank laments that they’ve needed Rahul during his absence. 

‘Would have loved two points more than anything else. But it is what it is’, he said. ‘We have to shut this off, turn up the next game and do better. Managing the ups and downs is what captaincy’s all about. Kudos to Harpreet (Brar) who showed up for us today and last game as well’.

It will be tough to play against this squad as they are desperate to prove themselves without their leader. Rahul will be a tough loss but it seems that the Kings are ready to perform well. They need to step up in his absence and they’re ready to show their ability and prove that they’re not a one-man team.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA