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Why Mohammad Abbas believes that he is a top bowler
Apr 27, 2021, 5:30:00 AM

Why Mohammad Abbas believes that he is a top bowler

Back in 2018, Mohammad Abbas had a meteoric rise for Pakistan. In recent tours, Pakistan decided to drop him but Abbas is confident that he can return to the squad. He believes that he is a top bowler and he knows that he belongs on the Pakistan national team. 

Abbas had some disappointing games in the Test series against England and New Zealand. With his exit from the team, Abbas decided to play outside of Pakistan as he played for Hampshire in the 2020-21 County Championship season. 

The Pakistan Cricket Board believes that they need to reduce injuries so bowlers like Abbas were excluded from the team. The PCB wanted the team to be healthy and it seems that it works for injury reasons but the results have not lived up to their lofty standards.

Abbas believes that his stint in Hampshire has helped him become a better bowler. He said, ‘For me, it’s a great opportunity to play in a quality competition and as we saw in my game against Middlesex where I had match figures of 9/39, it has allowed me to find my rhythm and will also help me restore my form as well, which in turn will hopefully lead to a comeback’.

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Playing for Hampshire is a morale boost

In his last four Tests, Abbas has only taken six wickets. That is a bad sign for a top bowler but Abbas knows that he is struggling so he acknowledges that he has to fix something about his playstyle. 

Since he played badly in his last few Tests for Pakistan, Abbas’ move to Hampshire was a big one. He has played well in the last few months with the club which is a good sign when he is called up again. 

He was not chosen for their tour of Zimbabwe which hurt his morale. Abbas was told that he was removed from the team to give him the chance to work hard and improve when he’s called up again. It is a move that took some courage to make but it opened up his chances of going to Hampshire where he has regained his confidence. 

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Ready for a comeback

Despite him missing out on the recent tour, Abbas knows that he is ready to come back. He is confident that he can play at a high level for his country when he is called up. His return to the national team is not yet confirmed but Abbas is a player who will not be denied. 

He has worked hard to get a spot and with his recent run with Hampshire serving as a sign, you can expect that he will perform again. As a fast-bowler, Abbas knows that he has solid competition for the team’s main fast-bowler spot.

‘We all know that Pakistan has been a breeding ground for fast-bowlers throughout our history and in that sense, apart from the guys currently playing for Pakistan, we also have the likes of Musa Khan, Ali Shafiq and Mohammad Ilya…’, Abbas said. ‘This is good news for Pakistan as there are decent backups for each bowler which means that if one bowler does not perform, then there is another one ready to take his place in the side’.

It will be interesting to see if Abbas makes the team on the next tour. He is a strong bowler and his belief in himself is strong. If he can keep playing this way, he will be called up again.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA