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Why New Zealand should learn lessons from their T20 WC loss
Nov 18, 2021, 3:25:00 AM

Why New Zealand should learn lessons from their T20 WC loss

New Zealand was solid in the T20 World Cup but they lost in the final to Australia. It was a good run for the Black Caps but they couldn’t maintain their awesome form. Let’s dive into what went wrong for the Black Caps in their latest tournament.

For most of the event, Kane Williamson was the star of the tournament as he led the Kiwis to solid runs. It was a strong performance for the Black Caps as they kept in step with every other team in the WC. The Aussies won the event with a well-rounded performance as the Black Caps ended up dipping.

Their dip in performance was crucial in the result as they let the Aussies command the momentum. NZ was always on the backfoot which further strengthened the Aussies’ grip on the result. It was an unfortunate result for NZ as they were strong throughout their entire Dubai run.

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Gary Stead cites the factors behind NZ’s loss

One of the main reasons behind NZ’s loss was Australia’s strong performance headlined by captain Aaron Finch. NZ’s bowlers have always been solid but they failed to show up in the final against the Aussies. With those issues, NZ had to play the game from behind. It was an uphill battle for the title and the Aussies took advantage.

Head coach Gary Stead talked about what happened for NZ. He said, ‘The toss was influential throughout the whole tournament, I think it had a small influence [in the final], it wasn't the absolute deciding factor, but it certainly had some influence... It played a big part, but we also wanted to try and break that statistic. Batting first, when we scored 172 I thought 'well we're in with a real chance here’.

Stead also cited dew as a big reason behind the loss because the Black Caps struggled with how they bowled. The ball was sliding all over the place and it was mostly due to the weather at the time. The likes of Tim Southee finished with the worst stats of the tournament against the Aussies which can be linked to the dew.

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NZ lost but they should be pleased with the result 

Even if they lost to the Aussies, NZ is still positive about the result. He wants the team to learn from the losses since they know they can improve in the next event. Stead has a good mindset because the Black Caps are better off playing on the big stage and learning from their mistakes.

Stead said, ‘I thought we batted exceptionally well those last 10 overs, Kane was sublime really, the way he hit the ball was incredible to watch. I think he was about four off 10 and I thought “Geez mate, we better get on with this soon”, and then he just hit the go button, and it was pretty special. It was a masterclass really, but unfortunately, that was matched by [David] Warner and [Mitch] Marsh’.

The Black Caps were strong but they failed in the end. However, that failure should not be forgotten because they can learn more lessons in the future. This is just a minor setback for the Kiwis as they look to compete for trophies in the future. This is an unfortunate loss but Stead is ready to lead this team to the promised land when they reach a similar stage in the future.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA