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Why there is an outcry on Hales' spot in the England team
Jul 9, 2021, 3:58:00 AM

Why there is an outcry on Hales' spot in the England team

The England team had to announce a new squad for the series against Pakistan due to bouts with COVID-19. However, the new team has excluded Alex Hales and it has made an impact amongst fans and pundits because the reactions to his exclusion are big.

The hard-hitting opening batsman has fallen off the radar due to a failed drug test and reported a bad attitude within the England system in the past. However, that was a few years ago and it looks like Hales has learned some good lessons from his experiences and is primed for the spot in the England squad.

The team decided to pick Jonny Bairstow before him who is a solid cricketer but he does not match up to Hales’ form. Hales has thrived in T20I cricket. However, it seems his past actions are too harsh for the system to tackle because they did not pick him despite his shiny résumé.

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Is there more to Hales’ omission?

Hales is the biggest name outside of the squad. He is a great player who has proven his worth in the past. With players like Zak Crawley, Danny Briggs, and Ben Duckett on the squad, some people believe that the failed drug test is the main reason behind Hales’ omission. There are also some who have inferred a team hierarchy as the main reason behind his omission from the squad.

Former cricket star turned pundit Nasser Hussain talked about how there is a glaring hole in the England squad. Shockingly, he wasn’t considered since he’s playing well in the T20 format outside of the national team system.

‘The one glaring absentee from this new-look England squad is Alex Hales. All I can say is that there must be something else at play here’, Hussain said. ‘As we have seen with other recent indiscretions, people forgive, forget and move on’. 

‘There must be some other reason those involved with the team hierarchy do not want him back’, he continued. ‘To use one of their terms, he is now “unselectable” and you must think that under this present regime, the door is firmly closed on him’.

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Is Hales not a good fit from a cricketing perspective?

Hales is a good player but he did not get the right chance to shine in this current system. He’s proven himself as a good talent outside of the national team over the past few years. It’s a shame it has not worked out for Hales because he has paid his dues and he deserves another shot at glory. 

Nasser continued his points while focusing on the cricketing perspective. He said, ‘From a cricketing point of view — and that is all I can comment on because I have never shared a dressing room with him, nor do I know him — that is a real shame because he is an incredible white-ball batting talent’.

There might be something going on behind the scenes that are affecting the decision. Hales will have to wait for another call-up in the future. With the fan support and the pundits’ analysis over the past few days, it can make an impact and possibly inform the system that Hales deserves a shot. 

It might not happen sometime soon but he needs to redeem himself from what happened in the past. Hales is a special talent and people want him to be on the team to show that potential.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA