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Why Will Pucovski's injury is a big blow to the Aussie squad
Oct 18, 2021, 3:21:00 AM

Why Will Pucovski's injury is a big blow to the Aussie squad

Australia’s most exciting young batsman Will Pucovski just suffered a concussion. This has dealt a big blow to the Aussie squad because it’s a huge concern. This is Will’s 10th concussion in his short career which is concerning for such a talented youngster.

Ever since he made his professional cricket debut, Will has always had an issue with concussions. It is one of the most concerning injuries for any athlete because it deals with hits to the head. With eight cases so far in his short career, this is a concerning development because this might stifle his profession.

This is not even the only injury that he has dealt with in his career because he also has a history of shoulder issues. It is difficult to watch a supremely talented player miss out on opportunities to shine because of uncontrollable factors.

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The Aussie squad can’t maximize Will’s potential

Before he suffered another concussion, Will was just recovering from his shoulder injury. His rehab process was going well because he was batting at a high level in training sessions. This latest concussion is not as bad as the examples before but the team has to be cautious with their approach to this latest case.

This is a big blow to the Aussie squad because they need Will to play to his full potential. Another injury sets him back from performing and showing why he’s such a highly-touted prospect. The number of cases that he has to deal with is alarming and with his history of playing Australian rules football in his youth, this should not be surprising.

Australian rules football is unsafe because it is too physical for some athletes. This includes Will who has had recurring concussions dating back to the first case he suffered during a footy game.

Hopefully, Will can get over this issue because he is too talented to miss out on Aussie games. It is a shame but these concussions need to be addressed and fixed so the squad won’t have to deal with missing a potential superstar in their lineup.

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The squad felt devastated about the news

When the Aussie squad learned about what happened with Will, they were visibly upset. The first player who voiced out his feelings was Test captain Tim Paine who also has a history of injuries. When he learned about the concussion, Paine was shocked because he formed a close bond with Will and the youngster has learned so many lessons from the captain.

Paine said, ‘He’s still hoping to be ready at some stage this summer. He’s got plenty of support around him, and we know how good he is, so there’s no need to rush him at the moment. He’s 22-23 years of age, he’s got a lot of time in the game if we can get it right. Shattering when I found out. I’ve spoken to him a bit the last few days. He is improving slowly. I don’t think it’s as bad as some of the others he’s had before, but with his history we have to be very careful’.

It will be exciting to see Will’s return sometime soon but in the meantime, he needs to recover properly so he can show his potential. It will be a fun comeback because the Aussie system fully supports him.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA