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Why Will Rhodes is primed for solid success at Warwickshire
Nov 29, 2021, 3:35:00 AM

Why Will Rhodes is primed for solid success at Warwickshire

Will Rhodes was a solid member of Warwickshire over the past few years. With Carlos Brathwaite serving as the skipper, Rhodes is primed to make a bigger impact. Brathwaite’s role will help relieve pressure off of Rhodes who shouldered a large chunk of responsibility.

In his first stint at Edgbaston in the summer of 2021, Brathwaite had a huge effect on the team both on and off the pitch. His all-rounder ability was amazing and it even convinced the people in charge to hand him the captaincy. He is successful enough to warrant the decision and it gives Rhodes more freedom to do what he wants.

Warwickshire director of cricket Paul Farbrace talked about how Rhodes is primed for solid success now that he’s not thrust into a role all on his own. This is big for the 26-year-old because the team relies on him to perform and if he’s unleashed, you can expect solid success from him and the entire Bears squad.

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Brathwaite will unlock Rhodes

With Brathwaite as the skipper, Rhodes can be the focal point for the team without having to worry about the leadership. Brathwaite joining the team is hugely important because the team is harder to defend now. If the pressure is off Rhodes, you can expect him to perform at his peak. When Rhodes is playing at his highest-possible level, the Bears will most likely win every game they play.

Farbrace talked about how playing Brathwaite and Rhodes together are key for the team. 

He said, ‘Carlos has experienced pretty much every major tournament around the world. We think this move will accelerate our learning and improvement with Carlos whose focus will be totally on T20 cricket… Will has had a year and a half as captain and done brilliantly. Now he will have a senior guy in T20 who he can bounce ideas off, as well as other good players in the squad whose knowledge he can also tap into’.

Brathwaite has the credentials to keep up with any skipper and Rhodes has the skills to lead the Bears to glory. The duo has been great over the past few months and they will get stronger with each match.

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Rhodes is motivated to perform at the highest level

With Mark Robinson serving as the team’s head coach, Rhodes is ready to help this team to solid success. They were doing well earlier in 2021 but solid experience between Mark, Rhodes, and Brathwaite will help this team improve on all aspects of cricket. It will be difficult to perform but you can expect them to keep up with the team.

Rhodes has spoken about how much he loves playing for Mark ever since he took over in March 2021. Will said, ‘It was only in March we had our first training session with Mark. It was only in March we had our first training session with Mark. All he talks about is winning. When you drill that mentality into guys who have a lot of potential but have perhaps not got over the line in terms of winning games of cricket, they will start doing those extra yards’.

It will be interesting to see how Rhodes will perform because he is ready to show his skills at the highest level. The Bears will be a huge threat in the upcoming campaign and it will be hard to bet against them knowing that they have all of the tools to compete.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA