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Will England's batting troubles damage their chances of winning?
Jun 7, 2021, 5:40:00 AM

Will England's batting troubles damage their chances of winning?

England is one of the top teams in the world but they have some issues when it comes to their inconsistencies in their batting system. With a Test series against New Zealand talking up their schedule the first half of June, this is their chance to fix their issues.

Batting is just one half of cricket but you can expect that England will always be reliable on the bowling side of the sport. They have a good crop of players who can bowl well which is unreliable with other world-class teams. 

Rory Burns and Dom Sibley are the team's most promising talents who can keep up with any team against England. Despite their potential, there is still a sense of inconsistency between the lines. England fans hope that they can fix the issues so that they can keep up with the other top teams like India, New Zealand, and Australia.

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Should the techniques be tweaked?

During training sessions, England tends to work hard on their batting techniques. Both Burns and Sibley struggled to find consistency in the past but when they tried new techniques, they became one of the best batsmen on the team. 

In their series against NZ so far, they are going back to their bad habits that should be fixed. Nasser Hussain talked about their risky approach with Sibley in mind as one of the underperforming stars of the team. 

Hussain said, ‘But in neither case during the mini session before tea was their dismissal the result of the kind of percentage cricket played for more than nine and a half hours by Conway. Sibley tried to hit a ball from Kyle Jamieson that was going down the slope and nipping away from him through midwicket, which was a high-risk shot’.

He continued by saying, ‘Crawley, meanwhile, was set up beautifully by Tim Southee, who went close to the stumps to bowl a full-length delivery, followed by one back of a length’.

The rest of the batsmen suffered in the first leg against NZ which the coaching staff does not want to see. They need to perform at the top level and they can work on that behind the scenes in practice.

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England needs to protect their best batsmen

With the return of Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler soon to come, England will have a boosted lineup back. They don’t have to rely too much on the young players who have unrefined skillsets right now. Learning from the veterans is key since all of the young players can learn from them. 

Hussain talked about how much those returning players can help the team and Joe Root especially. 

He said, ‘England need to protect their best batsman, and they know that the return of Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler will strengthen their middle order. Right now, though, the top-order needs to show a bit more nous. And they could do with reflecting on how Conway batted. The remaining three innings in this series are already looming large’.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the two Test series will play out. England has a good lineup but they have to struggle with injuries. If they can have a stable system, it will be better since they want to be successful moving forward. It will be tough but some positive thoughts are moving forward for England fans and its star players.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA