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A guide to playing support to gain MMR
Dec 7, 2021, 5:18:00 AM

A guide to playing support to gain MMR

The support role has always been the bane of most beginner players because its playstyle is not as fun to use during the late games as newbies perceive. However, the more you learn how to play support roles, the better your perception of the game will be.

In Dota 2, many players opt to play hard carry or offlane heroes that stack up kills as they gain gold and farm to combine the highest-dealing damage items. However, the support role is one of the most crucial positions of the game that beginner players always overlook, and reasons like low normal attack output and very low armor and hp keep players away from fully developing into pro Dota 2 gamers.

However, you are not to be fooled again as below are the biggest takeaways as to why you should start playing as a support hero right now!

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What do supports do?

Support heroes are among the most versatile champions that a player can use in Dota 2. There are tank and hard supports that have distinct roles like controlling the crowd on a team fight and spelling out nukes and disables for ally carries to finish off squishy enemy heroes.

The best support players in the game can shift the balance of a single match by simply being there doing the most basic mechanics a support role can do. In retrospect, support heroes aid the carries to gain as much farm in the easiest way possible.

When playing a support hero, you ought to learn more about the mechanics where more adept players can grasp by now. This is exactly why beginners should put their interest in learning how to play support heroes to have more knowledge about the fundamental mechanics of the game like map awareness, warding and proper skill usage and timing.

Mechanics of supporting

There are several aspects in supporting that everyone should consider when playing a full-match game: 

    •   Laning 

When laning, supporters normally don’t farm as they go with their carries, who will absorb all the last hits to give them more gold and experience. Remember, your goal as a support is to babysit the carry hero for them to snowball the game and give your team an easy win. 

A support in general will ensure that your lane is positioned in a way that will put your carry and the enemy hero in a favourable area of the map where both of you can experience and earn gold. 

However, you’ll be expecting less gold than normal since you’ll be giving all that to your ally-carry. It’s important to always put your carry above everything else as they will dictate the game during the late game. 

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    •   Warding

Wards will cost gold that your carry hero shouldn’t concern with. If anything, your carry should be concerned with buying all the DPS items and the right counters such as BKB (Black King Bar) and Aghanim’s Scepter (an item that improves the ultimate). 

A support role ensures that the carry not only buys the right items, but is also safe when laning or farming in deep jungles. When a ward is present in the areas of interest like the jungle camp or the bottom or top lane, the carry can at least see an enemy hero trying to gank nearby. When a carry can safely juke and go around a gank, then they save themselves the loss of gold and time trying to respawn, and thus shifting to a different lane to make sure that they continue farming to snowball the game. 

    •   Team fights

During team fights, a support will usually have the needed skills to disable and silence surrounding enemy heroes that will put your ally team at an advantage. This is where supports are so helpful because most carries don’t have disables like stuns and silences that will give them utility during team fights. 

A support will see to it that a kill is ensured the moment they hit a disable where an enemy hero couldn’t do anything. Watch a carry role dismantle their HPs resulting in a win in the lane, and thus adding gold and experience to the carry hero. 

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Who are the best support roles?

The best support roles right now in the current meta are as follow: 

    •   Lion

Lion is a classic support hero who has the best dispels and disables a team to utilise. His first skill can stun the enemy hero for at least 3 seconds without a shard and a scepter, and the second skill does the exact same thing with silence. 

Furthermore, Lion has a devastating nuke for an ultimate that will erase the HP of an enemy hero to at least half or a quarter. This is the perfect segway for your carry to finish off with a kill, and when the enemy hero escapes, you have two dispels that will ensure that the job is secured. 

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    •   Earthshaker

Earthshaker is another hero who has sizable bulk and a lot of dispels that controls a crowd like no other. This amazing support hero is feared during team fights when a dagger in the middle of fight completely eradicates the enemy team in seconds.

This is because Earthshaker’s ultimate has the capacity to almost deal a single wipeout the more enemy heroes are surrounded within its area effect. In layman’s terms, the more heroes are close to Earthshaker, the greater the damage output his ultimate will produce, causing a cascade of burst damage that will wipe out an entire team. 

Earthshaker also has two great stuns that will control an enemy fight and the lower cooldown helps for constant usage that makes it all the more reliable. 

    •   Ogre Magi 

Ogre Magi is one of the hardest supports to kill because of his many disables, high defence and great ultimate that will drain the life of any enemy heroes when combining the effects of his other skills.

Ogre Magi is one of the most coveted supports in the game due to his ability to farm in lone situations while being incredibly mobile for his robust look. He has one of the most efficient stuns and burst damage due to his second skill where damage is burst over time.

To play as Ogre will instantly put your team at an advantage, especially for a carry laning with you should you choose to help them against hard-to-lane enemy heroes that have dispels and crippling damage-dealing skills.

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Words: Vonn Consul