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Chinese meta gets owned by FV support
Jul 27, 2021, 3:04:00 AM

Chinese meta gets owned by FV support

Faceless Void gains traction with a lot of players using him for hard support. The Chinese meta in Dota 2 is now dominated by FV and a lot of players have found a good groove with the hero so far. He is now one of the latest supports used in the game.

Royal Never Give Up cruised past the DPC major champs PSG.LGD in a 2-0 win in the most unique way they can. The team came up with a support Faceless Void in the i-League 2021 playoffs. The final pick in Game 1 was FV and no fans ever expected it to be played in a key game like that, let alone take a support role which was played by Ru ‘RedPanda’ Zhihao.

The fans saw the pick as a foolish one in the game’s early laning stage. A long chase by PSG’s off lane gave up first blood and another just a few minutes later. Ru spent most of the early and mid game by just stacking up jungle camps and ganks with his ult. The team then won the first game.

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While it had a poor impact in Game 1, RNG drafted FV once more in Game 2. The Chronosphere was more of a huge threat this time and it even pushed a huge team fight near the Roshan pit.

FV played a huge support role and was a force in the game. He did not have many kills but those assists were racking up for the whole game as he kept himself involved for most of the match.

RNG’s win in the playoffs saw them earn $185,000 in prize money. RedPanda’s huge game with FV was a huge twist for fans and this has led to many players trying out the hero in that role. FV is known for his signature role as a hard carry but then saw a change with RedPanda’s big games.

With more players using FV as their hero, the meta is now full of him and this means that Valve might soon bring some updates for it as well.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA