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Everything you need to know about playing Enigma
Dec 9, 2021, 4:25:00 AM

Everything you need to know about playing Enigma

Enigma is clearly one of the best heroes in Dota 2 thanks to his crippling abilities. He is used by a lot of players in the current meta as his skills make it easy to manage battles on all fronts in the map. He is also a formidable jungler and pusher with his ability to create creeps.

There are a lot of heroes who can deliver a lot of great games when it comes to crowd control and push, but no one does it better than Enigma. The hero is very powerful thanks to his disables and he can even consume an entire row of HP from his enemies and stun them at the same time.

He can even split a creep into three Eidolons under his control. These units can land enough attacks on an enemy unit and still multiply while also healing to full health. That is a great skill that not most heroes have in Dota 2 in the same class and range type.

Enigma is a tactical spellcaster who has a lot of tough skills. Playing him needs players to be efficient when it comes to farming and they would also need to work on their positioning to use his gravity-related abilities at most. A well-played Enigma can take on a whole team on his own and decide a match outcome as well.

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Enigma has a lot of uses

Enigma is one of the efficient junglers in the game and he can make a push of his own to control the pace of most team fights. The hero can also gank other enemies using Malefice and Eidolon damage, which works well to put slow and squishy heroes to a slump instead.

There are many ways to use Enigma in games, but most players try to use him early in the jungle to farm with efficiency. His Eidolons are the best to set up either ganks or farms, so it is important for players to put mastery on that skill first.

He also has a limited casting range, but enough to cover a lot of area within his sight. It is important to build him with some of the best position tools such as the Blink Dagger or Force Staff. He should have the role of a ward supporter for the whole team or either have someone else do that for him. Players also use him as a carry with the use of wards or the Gem of True Sight, which is a huge help for all teams.

Enigma’s reliance on ability cast also puts him at a standstill, but he is susceptible to silence and other debuffs as well. Any one of the basic dispel sources such as the Black King Bar, Guardian Greaves or the Lotus Orb should have its place on his item set so he can make use of his skills in the best way he can.

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Learning how to use Enigma’s skills

Enigma’s skills have always been a menace for a lot of players, and one can even say that he is crucial to have on any team in the big tourneys. Learning how to use his skills takes a lot of practice but they aren’t that hard to master either.

Malefice is useful in times when his other skills are on cooldown. This skill is great when it comes to sneaking around or making a dive straight into the enemy. It allows Enigma to go for the big kills without taking too much time.

Another use for Malefice is to catch up with escaping heroes with low health. This allows Enigma not to worry about his speed and it gives him more gold to spare for other items as well.

Demonic Conversion is mostly used during the laning stage on allied ranged creeps to deny and give Enigma XP of his own. The Eidolons can help him trade hits with the enemy nukers or at least score the last hits when needed.

Eidolons have an innate 50% magic resistance but they have low health even if the ability is maxed. Any harassment fired in a bad position or area nuke can wipe a large team of Eidolons, so it is wise not to at least try using the skill in an area with heroes who have full mana.

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The best way to use this skill is to make them rush in the early game. Eidolons deal a lot of damage early on so they could hit weak heroes in a quick snap. They don’t scale well into the endgame so this is why there is a need to amplify their damage and mobility.

Using the Black Hole can be maximised with the use of a Black King Bar. This skill only lasts for four seconds and a good cast can wipe out a whole team.

Black Hole is a channeling skill, so it takes time to cast it right away. Players should keep this in mind and take a look at the enemy hero lineup as well. Either BKB or Linken’s Sphere can lower the odds of getting interrupted.

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Midnight Pulse is used in early games to crash creep waves. Another way to get a win on this skill is by getting a lot of Eidolons and saving this skill up for later. This is a skill that can be scaled later for more damage as well, so players can just try to use it to score big hits on chunkier heroes.

This skill can also be used to crash jungle creeps groups with ease. Players who use Enigma can keep up even against the fast heroes who could deal big damage. This is why Midnight Pulse is favoured for every part of the game.

Enigma’s skills and easy use and that makes him a top pick for many players. This is why he is a favourite and everyone knows that he is still a great hero all the way to the biggest tourneys.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores