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How the Dota Pro Circuit meta changed with the 7.30 patch
Aug 24, 2021, 3:51:00 AM

How the Dota Pro Circuit meta changed with the 7.30 patch

Valve just released Dota 2’s 7.30 patch paired with a small 7.30b update a few days later. They didn’t make major changes but it was enough to shift the meta. The biggest hero that benefited from the patch was Lycan because of the Helm of the Overlord’s active ability.

While there were some big changes in the patch, the Helm was the biggest one. With the ability to dominate Ancient Creeps through the Helm, Lycan became the strongest hero in the game because he could control team fights and push towers.

Due to the sudden meta shift in 7.30, Valve promptly released a second patch to amend some changes. They made slight nerfs to the overpowered heroes and items including a nerf to Lycan’s Howl skill. This was not a super big update but it proved that Valve was willing to make changes because of the community’s complaints.

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The reason behind the decision to not make foundational changes was because of The International’s October 2021 start date. Valve didn’t want to have TI under a drastically different meta than what the teams played during the TI qualifiers.

The meta shift was big but it still contained some of the heroes from the previous patch. If Valve wanted to make a huge change, they would have nerfed every strong hero in the previous meta but they just adjusted some of the stats to ensure the pro teams wouldn’t struggle to adapt.

The biggest change for pro teams might have to be in Captain’s Mode. The picking order is now Dire-Radiant-Radiant-Dire which is different from the previous Dire-Radiant-Dire-Radiant.

A competitive game will not officially start with the horn at 0:00 but you can expect the hero picking and ban phase will be huge in the TI meta in October. It will be difficult for Dota pros to adjust to this but it sounds like they’re ready based on the comments that these teams have made on social media. Pro teams want big changes but they won’t get it until after TI.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA