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How to win with Axe on big tourneys
Nov 11, 2021, 4:30:00 AM

How to win with Axe on big tourneys

Axe is one of the best heroes known for his strong damage and thick armour. This hero is all about scoring kills which makes him one of the best picks when it comes to playing tourneys and even local matches for every aggressive player in Dota 2.

Mogul Khan is one of the best melee heroes in the game and he is known for sparking chaos in battle. As one of the best initiators, his strong style needs him to be up close and personal against his enemies. He can rack up a lot of kills in just a snap which makes him a dangerous foe to face.

Axe is one of the heroes that can harass others, thanks to his attack speed and huge base damage. That gives him an edge over other melee heroes who have to fight him at any part of the map. His skills are also a strong factor for his rising usage in most tourneys in the current meta.

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Learn the best tactics for Axe

Axe is a strong initiator, and this is his edge that players should use all the time. His piercing spell in Berserker’s call makes him strong in clashes and one on one battles. On top of that, he can use his Battle Hunger to boost his speed and Counter Helix to shred many enemies at once. Cunning Blade is even an instant win to wreak havoc at any point in the game.

In late game, players even try to use Berserker’s Call as much as they can in any fight. This gives them a huge boost and could even make it easy for Axe to move in and out of a fight. There are big chances that he can get out of it without any scratch.

Axe is also good when it comes to running down fleeing heroes, and his speed boost makes him a scary foe to run away from when heroes have low health.

Mogul Khan can also punish enemy lanes and give his team an early edge. He can transition well into the late game since he just needs to farm so he can add easy levels. Axe’s initiation and disabling abilities gives him the chance to set up ganks and teamfights to get more gold.

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Master Axe’s skills

Berserker’s call is a taunt that pushes all enemies near Axe to attack him, and that also boosts his armor at the same time. This gives him a stronger defence to weather enemy attacks. This skill can be used to also disable other abilities and this cannot be blocked by any item. Axe players use a Blink Dagger to help him make the most of this skill.

Battle Hunger strikes at an enemy with small damage and slow debuff. This also lasts until they can kill an enemy unit, and adding Counter Helix at the same time should give Axe the best kills in a snap.

Culling Blade, on the other hand, can kill an enemy if they are in low health. This skill does not mind any spell immunity or buffs that can help heroes survive a critical hit from Mogul Khan’s top skill.

Players love to use Axe mostly for his strong pursuit skills. Mogul Khan has a lot of spells that can work well to initiate more damage and even counter the best heroes. This is why learning how to play Axe is a must for rising stars.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA