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Learning how to play Queen of Pain
Nov 1, 2021, 6:04:00 AM

Learning how to play Queen of Pain

The Queen of Pain is known as one of the biggest icons in the game thanks to her skillset. Akasha is one of the best heroes that can deal damage in a huge area, which is why players use her in key games that need coverage. 

QoP is known for her ability to use sounds to her advantage and score kills while distracting her enemies. She is played in the middle lane as a ganker and even as a semi-carry. She can appear in battle and score big hits and flee with ease when needed. 

She is one of the heroes who need to be in a great position to make big hits with her skills. Most pro players use Akasha to trap heroes and lead allies to a strong spot where they can kill the rest of the enemies.

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Making the best build with Queen of Pain

QoP does not have that much room for a lot of builds. Players need to adjust to the enemy heroes, which is why it is tough to make the builds until they see the enemy lineup. 

For starters, QoP is a strong hitter with an average of 1.5 base attack time. She also benefits from a lot of key items such as Desolator, Monkey King Bar, or even Mjollnir. Players can also focus on spell damage and make it work with their critical hits since she can amplify her damage at will.

When using her spells, it is best to add spell boosters such as Aghanim’s Scepter and it should be the first item for QoP. Unless players have no gold, Orchid Malevolence is the next build for her and it should even move on to the Scythe of Vyse. 

QoP users who die most of the time should add a Linken’s Sphere and Shiva’s Guard is the next best option. Both items work well to add extra armour and burst damage as well.

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Mastering the skills

Akasha’s skills are easy to use. Shadow Strike has a very long duration and the slow effect lasts for 15 seconds with a fast cooldown. This is why QoP is capable of keeping an enemy slowed for a whole clash and can even slow down fleeing heroes.

Blink is used to either escape or avoid key skills by the enemy and move from one place to another in a snap. QoP will always look at the direction where she will Blink towards. This is helpful in tight areas.

Scream of Pain cannot be disjointed. It will also hit invisible units and even those who are not seen by the hero or her allies. Both Scream of Pain and Shadow Strike are skills that can deal AoE damage that is enough to clear a single creep wave. 

Sonic Wave is her best skill and deals pure damage. QoP’s ultimate can bypass spell immunity and knock back all of the enemies affected by its radius. It can also affect Animal Couriers at the same time. Players sometimes use this skill as a last resort if they fail to score a kill with the base skills. This is why learning how to play Akasha is a must for a lot of players. 

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA