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Learning how to play Warlock in Dota 2
Dec 1, 2021, 3:45:00 AM

Learning how to play Warlock in Dota 2

Demnok Lannik, more known as the Warlock, is a hero used by many players thanks to his spells. He is one of the heroes who can be used to control certain areas as he can use his skills and add more help to his teammates in the fight. This is why it is vital to learn how to use him.

As one of the best intelligence heroes in Dota 2, Warlock has a lot of spells that can inflict chaos on the enemy team. He can support allies by healing them or harass enemies by dealing damage over time, which gives him a strong lane presence.

Other than the early game, Warlock can also turn any team fight into his favour as his other spells are so strong when it is unleashed against more enemies. He can even link his enemies into one and deal bigger damage. That increases the effectiveness of his area of effect spells, which proves his worth as a laner at any time of the game.

He can also summon a Golem after stunning enemies in a wide area. He can even throw them into disarray and enemies will have to deal with a stronger foe than before. At the same time, he can score kills while they are busy with his summon.

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Tactics with Warlock

Warlock is played as a position 4 support due to his lack of nukes and the long cooldown on his ultimate. The main purpose with Warlock is to counter-initiate with a Chaotic Offering and Fatal Bonds all the way to Upheaval combo. He can even help push with Golem as well.

Despite being an intelligence caster, Warlock still has a lot of strength and it gives him a longer survival rate against magic and pure damage nukes. He may struggle against physical attacks due to low armor and agility, but he makes it up with his skills.

Magic Wand is a good item to keep for Warlock since it restores his health and mana in a snap and adds some stats as well. Any boots will do, but most experts suggest that Arcane Boots is the best for him since he needs more mana. 

Using a Glimmer Cape allows him to move from one place to another without the fear of being ganked or followed. It also adds some magic resistance so he can escape when needed and it stacks with his Upheaval.

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Support Warlock usually buys Arcane Boots or Mekansm to sustain health and mana, including the Golem itself. Players can also work all the way to Aghanim’s Scepter and Refresher Orb to increase their team fight presence.

Aghanim’s work well to allow him to summon two more Golems and boost overall damage. There is also a bonus for Permanent Immolation and Flaming Fists, which makes it a win for Warlock.

The Orb allows Warlock to use Fatal Bonds and Chaotic Offering twice and it also increases the damage done on enemy targets as well. This can also boost Warlock’s health and mana regen speed twice so he can use his abilities without the need to go back to base than usual.

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Mastering Warlock’s skills

Warlock can also be effective in most team fights with the use of his skills since he can add more Golems and keep on building on his mana to deal burst damage. He may not have a single-target hard attack or nukes, but his abilities allow him to disable a whole area which works well for crowd control.

Fatal Bonds allow Warlock to link more enemies and share the damage taken. This is why it is a priority in leveling since it can control the pace of a fight. Fatal Bonds will bind units that are closer to the hero, so it is best to get close to enemy heroes before using the skill.

It has a long cast range of 1000 units, so Warlock just needs to get the best spot and pick the right targets. 

Shadow Word can heal allies and damage an enemy at the same time. Players even use it to disable a Blink Dagger for at least 12 seconds. This skill has a high mana cost at level 1 but does not heal or damage a lot. While it can heal an ally by more than 500 HP, it takes time to complete the skill so that players can protect the target from burst damage.

Upheaval is a spell that covers a large area with a long cast range. It is capable of dealing slow damage from up to 1850 units away. While it has a long cast range and wide radius, the slow time that it takes to build up is a huge disadvantage. It ramps up very slowly at early levels.

Players should at least try to avoid channelling the spell unless it is at least at level 2 or 3 to ensure that they don’t waste mana. The skill is stronger based on how long it was channeled and not how long an enemy was standing in it.

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Chaotic Offering is one of the most powerful spells in Dota 2. It stuns all enemies in an area through spell immunity and then summons a Golem to help out in the fight. Thanks to its wide area and long cast range, it is best used when the enemy is grouped up and trying to deal with other heroes. 

Stunning the enemy at the best time possible gives players a chance to land nukes and disables. Fatal Bonds work well to complement Chaotic Offering as both abilities have a long cast range. Using Fatal Bonds can also amplify the damage that the Golem can deal with Permanent Immolation and Flaming Fists due to the AOE nature of both spells.

With Warlock, players can get a huge win at most depending on how well they play in their games. This is why it is vital to master every skill and build for Warlock as it is the key to winning a lot of matches in the long run.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA