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Why Arc Warden is a top hero in Dota 2
Dec 2, 2021, 10:37:00 AM

Why Arc Warden is a top hero in Dota 2

Zet is one of the best ranged heroes in Dota 2 who has a lot of skills that can nuke enemies at will. Players pick him as one of the strong heroes who can control the pace of the game thanks to the micro skills that allows him to help his teammates in the best way he can.

The Arc Warden is an agility hero who serves both as a hitter and a support at the same time. Zet has the ability to cripple an enemy down and deal big damage. He can also create shields for his allies and buildings and gain swift attack speed at the same time.

Zet also can place wraiths that can attack a nearby enemy and has a lot of magical damage. Arc Warden can also create a perfect copy of himself and use all of the skills and items at the same time. That makes the hero a menace to deal with at any point in the game.

Arc Warden has the highest base intelligence out of all agility heroes and he can deliver big nukes to solo enemies. He can also make some split pushes thanks to his double.

The only downside for Zet is all about his low base agility and gain among heroes of the same class. His low base armour makes him vulnerable but that can be solved by buying a lot of armour items. 

On top of that, he also has a slow movement speed and with less mobility spells, it is hard to escape if he is ganked. Zet needs to farm quickly and only his ultimate can help him with his farming.

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Arc Warden is easy to use

Arc Warden is used to going to the safe lane or the middle lane. Farming will give him an early Hand of Midas and can use either Flux or Spark Wraith to nuke his enemies. 

Maelstrom is a good build for Zet and adding a Boots of Travel helps him traverse the map for farming, fighting and split pushing. He also needs mana to farm lanes and neutrals with the bonus attack speed from Magnetic Field. 

Zet is also squishy in the early game but he can work with them by adding certain heroes who can help him rotate to his lane. Vision is a huge weapon for him to avoid incoming ganks. Without a Blink Dagger or other escape tools, it would be fatal for Arc Warden to get ganked as well.

Arc Warden must have a backup in lanes since he needs a cover in his escape routes. This is why players prefer to use him in the middle lane instead. He has a reliable way to secure creeps with his skills, making him flexible along with levels six and above. 

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Hurricane Pike allows Zet to stay in the back lane with the increase in his attack range later on. It gives him a way to escape since he can double the distance traveled with the use of Tempest Double.

Using Monkey King Bar will also help to counter evasion and heroes that have high armour. With MKB, Zet can survive hits from those heroes who have a huge magic damage.

Using Nullifier will give Arc Warden some time to dispel and slow down enemies so they cannot be protected by defensive items such as Glimmer Cape or Force Staff. That 80 damage and 8 armour for a low price is a huge win, so it is an ideal item for Zet. 

The Butterfly can make Arc Warden into a heavy hitter as well. His primary attribute is agility, and he benefits a lot from its attributes. The Tempest Double has no attack damage penalties like most illusions do, and it increases Arc Warden’s overall damage output.

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Arc Warden has flexible skills

Players also use Arc Warden as a carry who can nuke enemies and make a split push to end the game early. His health, armor and mana are low on the early game but it is still enough to give him one last push in the lane. 

Flux slows and damages hard as long as there are no enemy heroes, creeps or jungle creeps within 225 range. If it is cast on an enemy near a tower or ward, they are still slowed and damaged. Flux is helpful in the early game to punish aggressive tower dives from the enemies, so it is good to carry a Town Portal Scroll to get an escape tool.

When casted, the enemy will always take damage, even if they are near another hero. It is best to use Flux on an enemy before going for a Spark Wraith to hit the enemy right away. 

Magnetic Field fully affects buildings so it is best to use it in making a push. Players should also take note that both True Strike and accuracy do not work against buildings. If enemies enter the Magnetic Field, they will overcome the evasion but Arc Warden and his allies will still get the attack speed bonus.

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Using Magnetic Field in team fights on as many allies as possible is a huge win thanks to the attack speed bonus. Magnetic Field can also save allies who are dying from ranged attacks. It is also wise to place two Magnetic Fields in such a way that it’s impossible for enemies to be in both at the same time. 

Spark Wraith also allows players to get 300 vision in that certain area. With the long cast range, Zet can place it safely to scout out enemies for a short amount of time. This spell hit invisible units or even those in fog to alarm players of enemy movement.

Enemies can also see the Spark Wraith so placing it at chokepoints would be wise to deter enemy movements. It is also good at spotting rune spots to ensure that enemies would get the runes. On top of that, players can only hit one enemy at a time, and that includes the creeps as well.

The Tempest Double acts as a temporary clone for Arc Warden. It uses the current stats of the hero and benefits from the item changes as well. That means going for 100% damage as well, and it is a win that players can use to the fullest.

The Tempest Double is not an illusion as well. Arc Warden’s double deals the pure damage he has and it gains a permanent buff from a consumed Moon Shard as well. It cannot be killed by Scythe of Vyse or even Dagon. The Tempest Double cannot break the Smoke of Deceit of the enemies as well.

There are a lot of tactics in winning with Zet which makes him a special hero to use. This is why it is important to learn all of his skills and get a big win.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA