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Why Terrorblade is the best hero for beginner carry roles
Dec 3, 2021, 7:56:00 AM

Why Terrorblade is the best hero for beginner carry roles

Have you ever felt tired of playing the same hero over and over again as an amateur Dota 2 player? Perhaps you kept feeding with Sniper or Drow Ranger that puts your losing streak to double digits. Playing a slightly more complex hero like Terrorblade should do the trick.

It’s quite common to assume that Dota 2 is a game that will push beginners away because of the large skill gap and the difficult mechanics implemented in the game. However, it should never be the case as great game designs always put players’ learning curve first. 

With that said, Terrorblade has unique skills that will teach newbies how to look out for different enemy heroes’ counters and the importance of map awareness. His skills are simple enough to execute while making new players think more about how to utilise them properly. 

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Terrorblade’s skills and playing style

Terrorblade is an agility hero who has 4 active skills that put out heavy damage outputs for individual normal attacks he unleashes to the enemy hero. TB also has one of the higher damages for normal attacks which is great for last hitting creeps, a skill most beginners carry roles should master first to farm better. 

Here are the four skills TB has in his arsenal: 

    1. Reflection 

Reflection is a point target skill that brings Terrorblade’s wrath unto other enemy heroes where evil duplicates are conjured to attack them. The effects of this skill will slow enemy heroes and deal 55% of TB’s overall damage output. 

This skill is great for chasing and initiating in team fights. However, it isn’t the skill you would prioritise in the early game where you should be farming. Instead, his other skills are far better at that, especially against neutral creeps. 

    2. Conjure Image 

Conjure Image is Terrorblade’s most reliable skill in farming because it acts like a free Manta Style where illusions are brought up to make jungling much more efficient. Furthermore, the Illusions’ damage output is 40% at level 2 which is more than enough to kill small camps. 

The trick for Conjure Image in farming is to split-push and farm as many doubles as you can. As a carry hero, you should lane bottom where the natural map topography will allow you to both farm and push at the same time where TB is most efficient. 

This helps newer players to macro each conjured image of TB to allow for better map awareness to prepare for enemy team ganks where smoke and wards are concerned. While this information sounds so complex and overwhelming, executing TB properly actually takes relatively a short time to master this technique to allow for better farm and gold production. 

    3. Metamorphosis

This is arguably TB’s most important skill since this is where the damage will come from and will proc from the items you’ll be buying. Terrorblade’s third skill allows him to transform into this demonic state where he becomes a ranged hero. 

The best part about this skill is that the conjured images will form into this demonic entity where the damage output will come from the percentages of the skill levels you took at the beginning of the game. 

This means that you will have at least 3-5 illusions all doing range attacks at an enemy tower or hero. There’s one little neat bonus that players often overlook, and that is the bonus attack range and damage dealt when in this state. This makes Terrorblade one of the scariest carries in the game where the snowball effect transpires when the enemy team isn’t careful. 

The biggest problem with this skill, however, is the fact that the cooldown takes quite a long time, which means that novice players are forced to be smart on when to activate it. 

    4. Sunder

Sunder is not the flashiest or heaviest-dealing damage ultimate out of the Dota 2 roster, but it helps Terrorblade’s weak defenses nonetheless. The effect of this skill when targeted at an enemy or ally hero is your health points will swap.

Therefore, when you are extremely low on HP, an ultimate to a hero with relatively high health points will potentially shift the fight to your favour where he gets your critically low HP that makes the kill easier. 

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Stop with the cliches: Avoid playing the simplest heroes

Heroes like Terrorblade provide players a chance to know more about the game’s main mechanics and therefore getting better at playing the game. Map awareness, farming routines and last-hitting are some of the fundamental skills beginners should get accustomed to when playing Dota 2. 

In fact, heroes like Sniper and Drow Ranger may help beginner heroes get the feel of the game, but it limits to the rudimentary styles of play that will not help players learn map awareness and proper jungling. 

Furthermore, ranged heroes like Drow and Sniper are not the best farmers in the game and rely on kills and solid laning to be able to position themselves to snowball the entire game’s outcome. 

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Biggest counters to Terrorblade

When playing TB, it’s best to keep in mind the different counter-heroes that will make life difficult for Terrorblade in terms of laning and late game disables or nukes: 

  • Zeus - Strong nukes and magic damage, both hinder TB’s health significantly being an agility hero with little to no magic resistance. 

  • Sniper - Range for early game is hard when laning and his shrapnel will allow TB to have a hard time farming during the early minutes of the game as well. 

  • Medusa - Not only is Medusa extremely bulky with her third skill, but her snake arrows will deplete TB’s Conjured Images’ health which defeats the purpose of his effectiveness. 

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The importance of trying out harder carry heroes

Besides, using harder-to-play heroes will give players every reason to come back to improve their game and thus making Dota 2 much more enjoyable. While the barriers to entry for new players is higher than most MOBAs in the industry, Dota 2 remains deliciously complex and competitive. 

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Words: Vonn Consul 

Image: PA