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Why Ursa Warrior is one of the best heroes
Oct 26, 2021, 3:51:00 AM

Why Ursa Warrior is one of the best heroes

Ursa Warrior stands out as one of the best heroes in Dota 2. This bear is all about killing and he is the best pick when it comes to the big tourneys in the game. Ursa is known as one of the top heroes in every patch update which earned him a lot of respect among many players.

Ulfsaar is a melee agility hero who can define burst damage as a whole. His strong damage output makes him a pick for a lot of players and he is able to sustain that from start to finish. In any given game, Ursa works as a dream hero for a lot of teams and players as he can change the tide with his attack and skills.

Aside from the added damage against a certain hero, his skills also allow him to be faster and deal a lot of bonus damage per hit.

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Ursa is one of the best offensive players

He may be a usual carry for a lot of players, but Ursa also can be played with an anti-tank role and takes out a lot of enemies in every tourney. The hero’s power is balanced even to begin with and it is easy for players to use him and score quick kills when needed.

Ursa is one of the heroes who can take down more than one hero at the same time. He is also good at rush assaults and players can even use him for quick attacks, which is what pros need in tournaments.

There are a few weaknesses for Ursa but adding Black King Bar and Blink Dagger all solves the lack of movement speed. He can even avoid disables and stuns that are very effective with melee heroes like him.

Ursa is also favourable thanks to his fast attacks. This is what makes him a better option for faster melee heroes that deal little damage or heavy hitters that move slower than usual. This can put him as a ready option for most games that need a lot of heroes that can deal damage.

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Ursa’s skills can be used for many purposes

Using Earthshock has a slow cooldown and it has a high area of effect. This can slow and cripple enemies which is helpful when Ursa chases off escaping heroes. It is like a magic nuke that lets players rack up kills in the game.

Overpower is a skill that works well in dealing burst damage. This can be used up to 14 times in a row and makes Ursa a strong hero in dealing damage. This is used in key moments when Ursa has to make big plays.

Fury Swipes is a great skill that adds more attack speed as he keeps on hitting enemies. This is huge when Ursa has to make quick strikes or make a strong push in clashes. Lastly, Enrage works in a short while that gives him ample time to have boosted stats at a certain moment.

Ursa also serves as one of the best carries in the game. He can even curl if he is farmed but would need a teammate that has a lot of spells to help him score early kills. Teams can rely on him to focus on attack in the late game as well. This is what makes Ursa the best for many players in the game.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA