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France vs Poland odds: A highly-anticipated World Cup match

France and Poland are raring to go for an action-filled clash in the knockout stages of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. With 16 teams battling it out for a chance to push deeper into the competition, the stakes are higher than ever.

This knockout stage match promises a fiery showdown between Kylian Mbappe and Robert Lewandowski, two of the most popular players in the World. Get ready to place your wagers on this highly-awaited France vs Poland game.

How the two teams fared in the groups stage 

France and Poland had impressive wins in their respective group thanks to tremendous performances from their star players. Here’s how the two teams performed in their group-stage matches: 

France started strong with two big wins to show dominance on the big stage. The defending champions of the FIFA World Cup are on a good pace, and they even had the chance to rest their best players ahead of their final game.

  • France vs Australia - France started their World Cup campaign with a bang by beating Australia in a classic 4-1 win.

  • France vs Denmark - Thanks to Kylian Mbappe, the team survived a dreadful game as he sealed the winning goal in the 86th minute to keep the champions afloat and guarantee a knockout stage berth.

  • France vs Tunisia - France opted to rest its main unit and allowed Tunisia to come up with a 1-0 win to wrap up the group stages.

Poland got lucky in the group stage by breaking a tie with Mexico in Group C. The Poles managed to stave off a raging rally by Saudi Arabia to come up with four points off a 1-1-1 standing in their games.

  • Poland vs Mexico - Poland got shaken up in their opening game and ended their showdown with Mexico in a clean-sheet draw with many missed shots.

  • Poland vs Saudi Arabia - The Poles returned strong as they doused the fire from Saudi Arabia and delivered a substantial all-around win at 2-0.

  • Poland vs Argentina - Poland struggled but was fortunate in the tiebreaker as they nabbed the second spot in Group C following a 2-0 loss to Argentina. betting markets for France vs Poland game has plenty of betting markets to choose from and competitive odds. 

France vs Poland is an exciting match to bet on in the 2022 World Cup. This game features the defending champion and one of the European giants in a single game. Here are the best markets that you can place wagers on for France vs Poland knockout stage match:

  • 1x2: This one allows you to bet on all three possible game results, which can lead to a win for France, Poland, or even a draw.

  • Both teams to score: This is a unique ‘yes or no’ market that you can try for easy wins. This market lets you decide whether both teams can come up with at least a single goal by the end of the game.

  • Correct score: Predict the final score between France and Poland. The winner of the game is not relevant to this bet as long as you get the correct score.

  • Game totals: Predict the total combined score of both teams. There is also an option to bet on the total score for each team.

  • Handicaps: Favourites are given a handicap to start the game, while the underdogs get boosted points. The bet wins if the team you wagered on meets the winning conditions by the end of the game.

  • First player to score: Punters can pick which player has the best chance to strike and score for their team. Would it be a star player from France or Poland?

  • Highest scoring half: The goal for this market is to guess which half will have more scoring output from both sides. All you need to do is to pick whether the first half or the second half will have more goals over the other.

  • Clean sheet: If you believe in the playing teams, you should go for clean sheet betting. All you need to do is choose between France and Poland and see which team gets a clean sheet. 

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