Morocco vs Portugal odds: An unexpected face-off

In a twist of fate, the quarter-finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will see a clash between Morocco and Portugal. In one of the last games of the Round of 16 stage, Morocco beat Spain to make it to the next level of the competition and face World Cup giant Portugal.

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How the two teams fared in the Round of 16

Morocco and Portugal had different paths leading to the quarter-final, but they both proved they had what it takes to win. Here’s a look back on how they pushed their way through the Round of 16:

Morocco vs Spain

One of the biggest games in the Round of 16 was Morocco’s unexpected triumph against constant World Cup contenders, Spain. Fans did not expect a strong finish from the African nation as the odds were heavily stacked against them. Morocco held their ground as they forced the game into extra time to the penalties for a 3-0 winning score.

The penalties turned the tide of the game. Morocco scored their first two shots before a miss in their third attempt from Badr Benoun. Spain, on the other hand, missed all three. Achraf Hakimi finally nailed the winning goal to push Morocco to the quarter-finals.

Portugal vs Switzerland

Unlike Morocco and Spain’s showdown, the battle between Portugal and Switzerland was rather dull as it was a lopsided game. The Navigators dominated from start to finish, even with Cristiano Ronaldo being benched by the squad. Goncalo Ramos’ hat-trick led the way for their scoring, sealing the deal early in the game.

Switzerland had no answer for Portugal’s big attacks. Granit Xhaka could not do enough damage, and only Manuel Akanji managed to score for the squad. The Swiss were also lacking on the defensive end, which proves how easy it was for Portugal to have full control from start to finish. betting markets for Morocco vs Portugal game offers you the best 2022 World Cup betting experience. Don’t miss the exciting action between Morocco and Portugal as they take on the quarter-final game. Here are the top betting markets at your disposal:

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