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Bruins ready to win with Rask
Nov 16, 2020, 6:04:00 AM

Bruins ready to win with Rask

The Boston Bruins are looking at the coming season as if it is their last. It seems that the team is going full steam ahead with Tuukka Rask at the helm for the goalie job. They are keen to seal a Stanley Cup title this time after tough exits in the past few seasons.

Coach Bruce Cassidy believes that they are already one step ahead over every team in the NHL as they aim to start and finish strong this season. They are centering the team all around Rask and his dedication to the squad, although a lot of people questioned that when he left the NHL hub city back then due to family reasons.

Rask left Toronto during the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the first two rounds of the playoffs. He claimed that it was a medical emergency with his daughter, and family comes first. The Bruins went on to use Jaroslav Halak and defeated the Carolina Hurricanes in just five games to win the first round.

The team then fell to the Tampa Bay Lightning in five games after that, and now there were talks of putting Rask to blame for the short playoff run that the team had. However, Cassidy claims that they are now focused on winning with Rask once more.

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‘I think everything that happened in the bubble has been addressed, dealt with’, Cassidy said. ‘We're moving on, getting ready to win next year. That includes our goaltender. But I think he just wants to get back in the net and play hockey and play well and give us a chance to win. Probably nobody more excited on our team to get back in there’.

Rask finished as a finalist in the Vezina Trophy as the best goalie in the previous NHL season. He led the team with 2.12 GAA and went 26-8-6 on a .929 save percentage in just 41 games. Cassidy is still eager to have him with the team heading into the tougher season.

Following the league’s return to action, the Bruins have focused on getting better on the defensive end, and Rask has been the centre of all action this time.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA