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Eichel confident in his new run with Vegas
Nov 10, 2021, 4:58:00 AM

Eichel confident in his new run with Vegas

Jack Eichel is set to begin his new story with the Vegas Golden Knights in the 2022 season. The Buffalo Sabres opted to trade him to the Knights and got draft picks instead. Eichel is ready to face the new chapter with Vegas en route to a better future in his career.

While he still has to heal from his neck surgery, Eichel believes that he can get a lot of good looks in his games with the Knights soon. The centre is set to repair a herniated disk and hopes to make his debut for Vegas three months later.

Eichel is the no. 2 pick in the 2015 NHL Draft and has scored a total of 82 points on 28 points and 54 dimes in 77 games in the 2018-19 season. He followed that up with 78 points in the next run and had 36 goals and 42 dimes in 68 games. Now he has to live up to the hype and deliver the same numbers for Vegas.

The star missed the Stanley Cup Playoffs in each of his six seasons with the Sabres. He now joined a team that has been to the Stanley Cup conference finals in the past few years since joining the NHL. This is why there is a need for the star’s big game.

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As he nears his return, Eichel believes he can still deliver the success he had over the years, but now he wants to be better than he used to be.

‘I think I've got a lot more’, the star said. ‘I think I'm only scratching the surface. Yeah, I think the season a couple years ago, I think that that was sort of the start of the way that I want to make an impact. Coming in here there's some really good hockey players, and I think this kind of environment, the culture here, is only going to push me to become better’.

Eichel only had 18 points in the 2021 run. The star only had two goals and 16 dimes in 21 games and has not played a game since March 7. This should be the opportunity for him to make his return to the ice.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA